Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Xrisanthos @ AXDW

WARNING: if you are not a fan of splatters, are afraid of the dark, stayed sleepless for days after Scary Movie (the sequel), you may find this post disturbing.

Now I can continue.

Xrisanthos showed his collection on the 3rd day of AXDW, as a New Designer. I did not speak to him in person, but I can only guess his inspiration came from some dark corner of his mind, your biggest nightmare or simply the moody-ness of the recess...

Here, being interviewed at the end of the show by Sandra Odette Kipriotaki.

Posing with his closing model, Prestige Penhaligon.

And now, the (very) (scary) show:

Tolis Skoulariotis in a surprise guest appearance holding a copy of The Gay Divorcee.

The goth's delight closing.

For a new comer, he made quite an entrance, ne c'est pas?


Anonymous said...

He was pretty bold considering this was his first show!

The Clothes Horse said...

With the noose hanging in the background of one of those shots--this show does look frightening!

K@terina B. said...

...peri orexews....!!! Fun as a show... but can you say this is really -FASHION-???