Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Fashion Week Echo

could be my laundry (but it is not). this is an exhibition full of messages in all shapes and languages. i think it is the work of some workshop that took place on day one. it stood there throughout fash week.

Now that the 8th Athens Fashion Week (or to some, Vodafone Collections) is over things are a bit dry. Isn't this always the case?

Today, two days later I feel ready as ever to give you my aftermath:

Favourite shows: Zoulias, Valente, Karadima, Katerinalexandraki, Filep Motwary & Maria Mastori, Eleftheriades, Vrettakos, Dassios. By far. Also Andria's collection brought Spring to our eyes with her flower crowns.

Absence of the season: Deux Hommes.

What did I think of last week?

New venue is funkier, Greeks can definitely do fashion, the organisers can surely do better.