Sunday, 12 October 2008

Marios Schwab

Athens Fashion Week, Day 6 (final)
17.00 Parthenis
17.45 Andria
18.30 AF Vandervorst
19.00 Essential Looks Show
19.15 Victoria Kyriakides
20.00 Marios Schwab
20.45 MIRO
21.30 Custo Barcelona

Ending of Marios Schwab's show in Athens, with an extatic audience applauding his s/s 09 collection. Picture too blury? Sorry, I was clapping too...
However, here's his closing piece professionally shot:
As wow as it gets. See the full collection on (

Greek designers of the day: Orsalia Parthenis, Andria and MIRO.

Parthenis showed her favourite island-chic theme in white and sky blue, Andria sees s/s 09 in Tinkerbell cocktail dresses and MIRO showed us how one goes to the office in tailored vs broderie, especially if she's got one parent native American Indian and one Mexican, all topped with far west hats, above neckerchiefs tied on their head.

The ending of a rather interesting Fashion Week finds me puzzled on what caused the loud absences and disappointed to have it stated as a fact over the speakers at the end of Custo Barcelona's glittery show.

Free Estrella 'bye-bye' beer was ok, but Cointreau-Martinis served at the opening were miles classier, I thought.

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