Sunday, 12 September 2010

1st Fashion Business Forum

Monday, October 25th - Athens, Greece.
Expect no catwalk there. This forum is about fashion being more than a beautiful dress, in times of recession, globalization and rather complex consumer behaviour evolving around a new vocabulary. "Recessionism", "frugalistas", "chiconomics" are all new terms that determine what we ask of the fashion industry today. Speakers that know this best:

Colin McDowell
Sunday Times, Senior Fashion Writer

William Plane
Investment Banker, Savigny Partners

Tim Jackson
London College of Fashion Professor

Pascal Bollon
Gfk Retail & Technology, Global Director

Leon Bailey Green
Drapers magazine, Online consultant

More info here.

*Targeting marketers and industry insiders - sorry I should have clarified this earlier.


Thalia said...

i would love to go but the price is a NO NO! I mean with 325 euros i could do a seminar for a month not for a day! wish it was a more reasonable price for no professionals.

Alecca Rox said...

This is not a forum for non-professionals though. It states it at the website too. To be quite honest, it might even be a tad disturbing for non-profs.

annie said...

Ooo so bad i don't live in Athens..