Saturday, 11 September 2010

Originally fake

With the Chanel logo's edible version still on the screen from the previous post, here's an interesting follow-up:A top featuring Chanel's CCs, shouting FAKE. Fake Chanel it may be, but it's an original...something. So would it be safe to get the message 'if you can't have the original wear an obvious fake'? Then again, why on earth can't you have an original Chanel if you can afford this**? Interesting confusion going on, just wanted to share.

*currently at the window of Eleins, Piraeus.
**judging from the usual price range of the store, this original-Chanel-fake must cost something close to... an original-Chanel-original.


La fashionelle said...

Think you're right!
As long as you can afford a Chanel, then go get it!
As long as you don't, just pull off something Chanel-like that's not pretending to be an authentic one!
Replicas are so last year's!

battered couture said...

from principle, when big corporate designer houses try to pull the "irony" card, it just turns around and slaps them in the fuckin' face.

Sofi Moukidou said...

e3upno m aresei!

Unknown said...

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