Sunday, 2 August 2009

10 things about you. tag.

1. I am a dog person but have 2 cats, Miu & Maya for the last 11 years. Miu was a pet rescue case, Maya is her offspring.

2. When I was 16, I drew my own print which was successfully put to retail. Some company copied it, along with... my signature. I was flattered (!) Haven’t designed any prints since.

3. I am a flexitarian. I eat meat only for survival purposes and not pleasure.

4. I am obsessed with “made in” labels. They are as important to me as the product itself.

5. As a teenager I tried all the colours of the palette on my hair, including baby blue and tomato red.

6. My drug is coffee. Coffee is my drug. I could live on coffee.

7. I skipped my highschool graduation to go to Hollywood.

8. My real life name is not Alecca. I was named after my grandmother and nicknamed after the heroine of a book mum was reading during pregnancy.

9. I started knitting to control stress and became addicted.

10. I hate fashion, I love clothes, shoes & accessories.

Thank you dear C. from Fashionpaths for this tag. Let me pass it on to:
- Oui Oui
- Ringa Dinga Boing Boing
- lulu and your mum
- magpie girl
- fashion blah blah

Have fun telling us something we don't know, remembering and revealing.


Mairyliscious said...

nice ....interesting things!!
dn mporw na pistepsw oti exeis kanei kati tetoio sta mallia sou eidika epeidhh ta xw dei sto glamour poso omorfa htan dn mporw na to fantastw...

WendyB said...

#2 makes me want to slap someone on your behalf!

Alecca Rox said...

@WendyB: back then I just laughed and showed it to my friends. Idiots had copied my name too, can you imagine? What a glorious lawsuit it would have been! Thanx for the supportive comment;)

@Mairyliscious: yeap, did lots of mean things to it! It has been natural for the last 3 years and I think it's staying this way for a while!

Katerina said...

Have you been to Hollywood??it sounds like a movie by the way you did it!!!!xx

Alecca Rox said...

@Katerina: would do it all over again:)

DaisyChain said...

coffee is my drug of choice too <3

*Constance said...