Saturday, 1 August 2009

Public Enemies

The other night I watched Michael Mann's "Public Enemies" at an open air movies theatre. Trailer here.

The 1930's costumes and hairstyles were as a good reason to watch the movie, as Johnny (Dillinger) Depp himself. Fedora hats, silk dresses, long wool skirts and beautiful large buttons were all there, sadly without peak moments though.

Quite a few anachronisms and factual errors spiced up the viewing. For example, the steam engine used in the film was Milwaukee road 261, which was manufactured in 1944, a decade after Dillinger's time. More goofs, here. (we love goofs!)

Do not expect a happy ending, the notorious Dillinger gets shot from behind and dies on the pavement, outside Biograph cinema. Federal agent Purvis signals his men to do so by lighting a cigar.

Apparently, in reality his hand shook uncontrollably and he couldn't light it. The men still recognized the sign and moved in. In the film there are no second thoughts or shaking.

Still, a nice summer night watch for fans of the kind (or Depp).
Good company/ good pop corn, essential!

(All pics in this post come from here)


Katerina said...

Johnny Depp for ever!!!!!xaxa!!!to '50 einai mia epoxi pou kyriarxei h 8ulikothta!!!!alloste ta rouxa pou ravotan htan monadika gia to atomo pou 8a to forouse!!!!xx

Marietta said...

I will watch it soon, I'm excited!

meraldia said...

Latreuo na vlepo cinema gia na hazeuo ta kostoumia ton ithopion. Sigoura den tha haso to sygkekrimeno. Nice post:)

Viv said...

Why on earth did you reveal the ending?? Come on!!! lol
Ok, I will anyway go for it
Hope ur havin a nice time
Biz xxxx

Alecca Rox said...

It is based on a true story, the ending is a known fact;)

haven't been on proper holiday yet but when everybody else goes, Athens is pure joy!! take care x