Saturday, 12 June 2010

Happy Socks for the World Cup

The World Cup in South Africa has just began (er... Greece didn't start off that great) and this time memorabilia go way beyond scarfs and flags. Happy Socks are planning to keep happy the fans of eight countries with the longest history in football with some special edition socks to... score for. That would be the fans of Argentina, Brazil, England, France,Germany, Netherlands and South Africa.

New York based designer Stephen Wong, creative director of collective Wong Wong (previously Art Director of Helmut Lang Studios) turned those eight national flags into some special edition, truly happy socks, placing stars on them that mark the number of championships each country has won.

Whether you've fallen for the colours, are a certain team fan or fancy collecting them, they are available at Happy Socks online store, Notos Galleries, Fena and Fena Fresh.

Below, is Viktor Tell, Swedish Happy Socks creative director. It was a pleasure meeting him last summer at Bread & Butter. I tell you, the positive energy of these socks comes straight from the top;)


Lorelai Sebastian said...

hahahah o tupos ola ta lefta!!
autes pou foraei einai pio super!

K A T H L E E N said...

these are awesome!

reub-envision said...

i would wear those all the time