Saturday, 5 June 2010

This Sunday, Swap Not Shop

The 4th Swap Not Shop party is the plan for tomorrow. Clemmie & Melroy suggest 10 good reasons why be there and Life in Athens gives you an idea of what will take place, along with some useful links.

This time SnS goes ethical, introducing the 'U-Re-Use', 'They-Re-Use' and 'Micro-ethical-micro-buys' concepts. This means you can dyi your (swapped) stuff on the spot, have them customized by the Chic & Ethic Lab team and have the opportunity to purchase recycled creations by Afgan and Algerian immigrants at symbolic prices.

Got clothes, shoes or accessories you no longer wear? Give them the chance to a second life, bring them to 6 D.O.G.S. tomorrow.


lopi said...

I'm getting ready and heading downtown as I type, see you there!

Maddie said...

I was there too! What a great event!