Saturday, 7 August 2010

Kalogeros, Paros, GR

Do I look blue to you?
Wait till you see these guys:
And this lot is turning burgundy by the minute:
That's because the first have rubbed against this natural green clay rock...
...and the second, against the red clay rock right next to it.
Green clay goes turqoise once dry. (fishy got the spa treatment too)
Red clay goes a powdery lilac. (I tried both)
I tell you, this is nature's most amazing and effective spa. And this is a proof that natural clay doesn't come in tubes at the store. It's really out there.
Enough to apply on every inch of your body, absolutely free.
Hair too. No kidding, this mud does wonders, leaving everything shiny and velvety when washed off - including your swim suit.
There's plently for everyone and that rock is massive, towering over a beautiful sandy beach. Or should I say "there's still plenty" as each year, to my horror, I see tourists being griddy and happily breaking entire parts of it to take home.

If in Paros, I strrrrongly recommend the beach of Kalogeros.

Tip: have an empty water bottle with you - the clay is activated once wet and carrying sea water with your hands will take ages!

For step-by-step directions on how to use it and what's in it, see last year's post.


Ryma said...

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A BRIT GREEK said...

Am loving your holiday adventures! I so need a mud mask too!

Happy Holidays!!!

battered couture said...

kalogeros and farangas (the small one next to alla the hustle and bustle) are my two favorite beaches in Paros. It's fantastic that we agree on so many things.

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S.Elisabeth said...

This looks like such a an awesome destination! It's definitely on my to go lists now!

MT Days & Nights said...

I wish I could go there and give myself natural spa treatments!

Miri said...

That beach looks amazing, I am so going there if I ever manage to go travelling overseas again!

Don't forget to enter the 1st birthday giveaway :)

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chloe said...

wow, nature is really cool with things like that isn't it?
and i love the hair pic! x