Wednesday, 4 August 2010

One shoulder was enough

August moon is like no other.


mary_ronaldo said...

lovely dress..
but i have to ask, is that real animal leather? :/

chloe said...

oh thats lovely! very fairy-like :)
and i love the flip-flops, they look like proper glam night-time shoes.
really enjoying your summer photos alecca, im having some time off from friday, maybe i'll be able to get some holiday pics too! x

Alecca Rox said...

@ mary_ronaldo - yes, it is real animal leather. i am totally against real fur but i do occasionally wear real leather like i do occasionally eat meat.

@ chloe - happy you enjoy my holiday snaps, looking forward to yours and wish you a lovely break!

Marietta said...

Imoun allou gi allou, kai eida ta teleftea 20 post sou mazi kai trela8ika!! Apo tis photografies, mexri to styling... Den exo logia!! :D
Sinexise etsi, to latreeeeevo!!

ShoppingTherapy said...

oh i like this dress! have fun girl!

Mairyliscious said...


mary_ronaldo said...

i'm not judging you of course. i don't eat meat at all and i don't wear clothes made by animals! i only wanted to know if that's real or not!