Wednesday, 18 August 2010

That dress

Not even sure if this is a dress. But do you remember those fringe summer dresses that were oh-so-summer-fever once upon a time? This is as close as it gets. I used to have a pink one as a kid. It's only kid sizes you get at souvenir stores these days. I swear I'd buy them in every colour of the rainbow had they made a come-back.

Random tip: aegean winds tend to be quite strong this time of the year. If your hair is long like mine, it will fly like mad all over the place. So you clip it. But then it flies with the clip on it and that wasn't the effect you were looking for. Clip it safely on your strap then! There. Now it's gonna stay nicely in place. Looks interesting too.

Random emergency: my skin must be sun-proof. Mid-August and where is my tan? I've switched sunblock to baby oil and I am eating enough carrots to put Bugs Bunny to shame. Any ideas? Urgent.



OMG, I totally love these old school fringe dresses. I have a shirt like that from a tourist shop - is it wrong that I love it!?

And I don't know what is up this year, but I am not getting as tan as I usually get. My sister-in-law is obsessed with that Carroten stuff (forgot the specific name but its in a jar) - she is becoming so dark it's crazy - so maybe check that out?


not a girl not yet a woman! said...

OMG!When I was young ,I used to buy this type of dresses every summer , from every island I had been to!These fringe summer dresses used to be the hottest thing a girl could have in her closet!I always find inspiration in my childhood and as I can see ,so do u!

Clemmie and Melroy said...

I've been so into oh-so-summer-fever fringe dresses comeback for like almost ten years now :) spiritual collaboration might make the difference, ya think?
come on gotta make this work!

As for the tan, its tricky and as unhealthy as unhealthy can be but there you go: 1. grab your baby oil, 2. squeeze one or half a carrot and pour in bottle 3. add 2-3 drops of iodine tincture (you will find it in any medical kit i guess). Be aware though coz its colors garments as well

I so envy your endless summer holidays

kiss from London grey


Mairyliscious said...

OXI tpt allo tha me kaneis na trexw apo touristiko se touristiko gia na brw :D

Panagiota said...

I had one as a kid too!It was orange and i used to wear it with a small leather bag.I still have the bag but not the dress..
If u want your tan to last,you should prepare your skin by doing some scrub.While your are on the beach ALWAYS wear your sunscreen and after a suntan oil.For quick BUT extremely unhealthy tan put some olive oil

DinDinaki Koudounaki said...

i'm soooo deeply in love with fringe dresses, i wanted one desperately for ages. Last August, when sales aproached to the end, i randomely saw one and i grabbed it!!!(it costed only 3 euros!!!). It was my second skin last summer!same this year...

P.S as for the tan, as i've already said baby oil in the beach is the sadest view in the world.Don't worry about looking tanned, protect your self with a hight protection sunblock, wear your fabulous hat and sunlasses, and the sun will do what he's got to do, without dangerous effects of ultraviolet radiation..i am tanned without any sunbathing and with HIGHT protection sunblock. The sun every summer is gettin' more and more dangerous, trust me! Besides,you look gorgeous anyway believe me!!

Κατερίνα said...

Αυτό το φόρεμα.....!!!Είχα κ εγώ ένα τέτοιο μικρή!!!!!ΥΠΕΡΟΧΟ!!!
Λοιπόν όσο για το μαύρισμα δεν έχω ιδέα, το μόνο που ξέρω σίγουρα είναι ότι αυτό με τα καρότα είναι μύθος!!Άλλωστε έχει να κάνει με την παραγωγή μελανίνης που μπορεί να παραχθεί από τον οργανισμό κ αυτό από άνθρωπο σε άνθρωπο διαφέρει!!!Το ξέρω ότι δεν βοήθησα καθόλου....sorry :}

battered couture said...

best thing to do is just let it fly all over the place. wind-sun-salt>best hair styling ever

Vicki said...

hey my dear :) i am feeling the fringing :) i have a v neck long tee that has fringing all round the bottom and along the sleeves and i love it! we will bring this trend back!! :) x

Carissa said...

lovely blog you got here :)

Juliet said...

It looks nice!

juliet xxx

joanaddicted said...

i bought one of these in baby pink(kids of course) from Kythnos last month!! haha they're crazy for the beach!! p.s. Omg i'm so glad to know that i'm not the only one who can't have a decent tan, even if i stay under the sun for hours !! I've thought a lot about it (i couldn't do otherwise, since everyone tells me 'oh you didn't have holidays yet'.. and hits my nerves) and i've reached the common theory. Lady, seriously i'm convinced that i don't get tanned anymore cause i'm growing old!!!! And the more years pass, the less our skin tans... Tell me you don't believe this, please!!!

Alecca Rox said...

Thanx everyone for the lovely tips on making that tan happen! And special thanx to all who noted I should stay safe and protected. I'll try to combine everything and see what happens:)

@ clemmie & melroy & vicki - spiritual collaboration to bring the fringe dress back! luv it;)

@ battered couture - let's call it 'battered by the wind'!

@ joanaddicted - nah, it's not our age, think Donatella:)) there's still hope...:P