Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Fashion Week Echo

could be my laundry (but it is not). this is an exhibition full of messages in all shapes and languages. i think it is the work of some workshop that took place on day one. it stood there throughout fash week.

Now that the 8th Athens Fashion Week (or to some, Vodafone Collections) is over things are a bit dry. Isn't this always the case?

Today, two days later I feel ready as ever to give you my aftermath:

Favourite shows: Zoulias, Valente, Karadima, Katerinalexandraki, Filep Motwary & Maria Mastori, Eleftheriades, Vrettakos, Dassios. By far. Also Andria's collection brought Spring to our eyes with her flower crowns.

Absence of the season: Deux Hommes.

What did I think of last week?

New venue is funkier, Greeks can definitely do fashion, the organisers can surely do better.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Marios Schwab

Athens Fashion Week, Day 6 (final)
17.00 Parthenis
17.45 Andria
18.30 AF Vandervorst
19.00 Essential Looks Show
19.15 Victoria Kyriakides
20.00 Marios Schwab
20.45 MIRO
21.30 Custo Barcelona

Ending of Marios Schwab's show in Athens, with an extatic audience applauding his s/s 09 collection. Picture too blury? Sorry, I was clapping too...
However, here's his closing piece professionally shot:
As wow as it gets. See the full collection on style.com (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/S2009RTW-MSCHWAB)

Greek designers of the day: Orsalia Parthenis, Andria and MIRO.

Parthenis showed her favourite island-chic theme in white and sky blue, Andria sees s/s 09 in Tinkerbell cocktail dresses and MIRO showed us how one goes to the office in tailored vs broderie, especially if she's got one parent native American Indian and one Mexican, all topped with far west hats, above neckerchiefs tied on their head.

The ending of a rather interesting Fashion Week finds me puzzled on what caused the loud absences and disappointed to have it stated as a fact over the speakers at the end of Custo Barcelona's glittery show.

Free Estrella 'bye-bye' beer was ok, but Cointreau-Martinis served at the opening were miles classier, I thought.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

JCDC fever

JCDC Athens Edition
OMG what's on the catwalk?
(errr... not the clouds, the red bits..)
The Greek edition of an international show has never been more Greek.
Just like Bouzoukia darlings.
Carnations placed on each seat, just like Bouzoukia. Free. (unlike Bouzoukia)

Tongue-in-cheek, just like Castelbajac. Bouzouki opened the show, Cindy Lauper's 'Girls Just Wonna Have Fun' closed it and in between carnation rain on the catwalk.

That was one fun, fab show full of colour and messages towards all directions. Loved the dress with Obama's face and all the Lego-constructed accessories (the first I would wear, for the second, I've got just the perfect friend!)

Did you miss it? How could you... Here, have some: http://www.jc-de-castelbajac.com/

Oh, and the flowers... if only Nikos-Takis had been as well-prepared! (I know some of you get me)

Come on fashion people!
One more day to go.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Friday I'm In Fash

Friday 10th, Fash Week Day 4

and it goes like this...

19:15 Demna Gvasalia
20:00 Maria Mastori - Filep Motwary
20:00 Fashion in cinema: Nomi Song
20:30 Collage Social Installation
21:00 Juun J.
21:30 Dimitris Dassios
22:00 Street Fashion & Artists


The show is on Thursday the 9th, at the Mad Barrel area of Technopolis. 21:30.

Frida Karadima

Hall B, 20:00. Fluorescent creative direction by Al Giga.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Vassilis Zoulias

Never mind the typo on the invite, Vassilis Zoulias hosted what was by far one of the best fashion shows in Athens Fashion Week.
The invite, printed on lux carton, reflected nicely the character of the designer and the essence of the show: 'pool side'. Not any pool side, but a '60s cocktail party one with models marching down the catwalk to the sounds of The Supremes among others. Well done Mr. Zoulia, it will be more than shoes I'll be checking out from you next season.
>>New Zoulias store opening! October 28, at 30 Akadimias & Likavitou Str. Kolonaki. The one in Kanari Str. will be kept as a 'Bazaar Store' we were kindly informed by the assistants. Great!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

London Rocks

London Rocks...in Paris. Just to change scenes for a bit.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Daphne Valente

Daphne Valente, the president of the Hellenic Fashion Designers Association, is holding her show this coming Wednesday, the 8th. How shocking can it be? I will let you know soon...

*please note that in order to attend the shows you either need to be an accredited journalist, or hold a valid invite.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Elena Strongyliotou

The first invites are circulating emails and mailboxes.
Keep them coming!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Finally. We have a date, time and place.

And as we're all burning inside with anticipation about the Castelbajac show, i'm letting you into a little secret: Greek designers are so pissed off with the whole circus. Can't blame them, none likes to have their thunder stolen, especially if they are playing at home.

Anyways, we love 'em all;)
Lights, models, just do ur best darlings!

(Castelbajac rooocks, check him out: http://www.jc-de-castelbajac.com/)