Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Mad Fashion @ MAD Awards

There was some mad fashion going on at the MAD Awards last week. Took a pick. Above, Peggy Zina in knee-high leather boots and hot sequinned dress - I can tell you straight away, she's my winner.

Patricia Field and Anna Vissi.

Despina Vandi. (Is this a Patricia Field glove she's wearing?)

Lakis Gavalas, accessorized with a whip.

Pink Evelyn Kazantzoglou. (friiiiiills, we like frills)

Maggie Haralambidou and Christoforos Kotentos.

Tamta. Long.
Katerina Stikoudi. Now if someone said she's wearing Kostetsos, I'd believe them because...

Vassilios Kostetsos.
Sakis Rouvas, safe in black.

aaand Nino. Why do we always find it so interesting when men slip into skirts?

Monday, 29 June 2009

Bob pins stay in place

Hair clips may vanish, but my bob pins always stay in place. They must be the best and most discreet bookmarks I've ever had.

*currently reading: 33x3x33 by e.e.cummings

Sunday, 28 June 2009

How many ways can you wear it

With this and that, forgot to say, we* are on Glamour.
(*We: {moi},
Hari_K, Elena, Nina Malvada, Katerina B. , Lopi, and Giorgia from Italy)

Glamour GR hearts bloggers, we heart it back. Along with featuring our shoots, the issue out now gives you the chance to do it yourself. It's fun, it's personal, it's creative, why don't you.

R.I.P Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson
August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

"His Music Will Live Forever" is featured on Michael Jackson's webpage as of last Friday.

His music will live forever indeed. I belong to the generation that, back in the days, a party was no party unless the MJ cassette was in the player. The taste of canned orange juice without gas, thousands of moonwalking attenpts in front of the mirror, dad's Ray-Ban shades and the rewind sound on the walkman...

And this is how we will always remember him, a king without a doubt.

For those of you with a sudden urge to find out more about the man behind the star, Martin Bashir's attempt is a good insight (2003) although heavily questionned by many (myself included), as to the image projected. Also, if you go into all the trouble of watching Bashir's work, check out the Jackson version too (Living with Michael Jackson Take Two).

Friday, 26 June 2009

Today I'm wearing

Friday, 26th June 09.
The day women wear the "Don't Forget!!!" tee, support Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and remind everyone that we may not be immune but we are fighters...

Today, I am wearing the "Don't Forget!!!" tee.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Patricia's Glove

If your fetish is gloves (why else would you wear them in this heat) OR you hate leaving fingerprints (wtf), check out what Patricia Field has come up with, especially for you. HERE.

Not sure they count as gloves, but they'd look perfect on a stirring wheel and could spark up some pretty imaginative DIY projects...

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Who copied Who

I was about to write a quickie on intellectual rights in fashion and then I came across this by the Fashion Architect. Above, my new bikini, a gift. (I dare you say what the print reminds you of:P) So here are some facts instead:

fact - the fashion industry is amongst the very few where copyright law is a vague/inexistent territory, unlike art and music.

fact - all that could have been invented in fashion (shapes, styles, etc.) was invented by late '60s. Everything from then on is a mix or twist of those trends. So does every designer who makes mini skirts have to pay licencing to Mary Quant or Andre Courreges who are believed to have invented it?

fact - in order to make a collection, all fashion students have to study past and current designers for inspiration. That inspiration is sometimes obvious, but as long as there are 7 points of difference, (i.e. lenght, buttons, etc.) they are not considered to be knock offs.

fact - Fast fashion giant Forever 21 has had at least twenty lawsuits alleging Intellectual Property rights as of January 2006. (...) Lawsuits have included conflicts with Diane von Furstenberg, Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers line, Anna Sui, Bebe and Anthropologie. (...) Forever 21 does not employ its own fabric design team, instead the company purchases textiles from the designs of outside manufacturers. Consequently, the majority of the lawsuits files involve copyright infringement of fabric prints. (source: wiki)

fact - most (if not all) of the affordable clothing we buy from highstreet stores are OBVIOUS knock-offs of expensive designerwear. Due to fashion changing fast (lawsuits may take years) and being so hard to prove the copyright of a design, designers started their own affordable lines (diffusion) and collaborations (see H&M) in order to remain popular with the vast public.

fact - many big guns of fashion copy past designers or vintage clothing. None boycotts them and as long as they pay for advertising the fashion scene will praise them and promote them.

Bottomline: Is there a point in trying to spot who copied who in the end?

Where do they go?

Mystery of my life (one of): you buy a dozen hair clips, you think you are sorted for a year and then when you need one they are nowhere to be seen. Where do they all go? Does my home swallow them??

*pic: hair clip #178653 I bought (again) from Hondos Center for 2 euros yesterday.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

40 years Comme des Garçons

Luxury Japanese label Comme des Garçons is marking its 40th anniversary. The company is launching a temporary, guerrilla-style collection called Black, "harnessing the style, edge and the originality of its founder", said the Herald Tribune's Suzy Menkes.

CdG's founder and creative director Rei Kawakubo (aged 66) created Black as the colour of fashion’s rebel yell.

“It is true to say that I ‘design’ the company, not just clothes,” Ms. Kawakubo told the Herald Tribune. “Creation does not end with just the clothes. New interesting business ideas, revolutionary retail strategies, unexpected collaborations, nurturing of in-house talent, all are examples of Comme des Garçon’s creation.”



The London College of Communication is organising a lecture on ‘How not to get ripped off’.

The seminar will offer a basic guide to the law, covering the steps any creative professional should take in order to stop somebody else stealing or otherwise using someone else’s work without permission. It also includes topics such as copyright, patenting, trade marks, licensing and design rights.

Admission is free and places can be registered and booked online.

When: July 1st, 18:30
Where: Street Lecture Theatre, London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle, London , SE1 6SB

*interested in the matter? you may want to have a look at this.

Monday, 22 June 2009

FF Thought #4

You are a designer. A fashion blogger notes similarities between your work and a fellow designer's. You:
Explain your source of inspiration as well as the fact that coinsidences are common in fashion.
b) Invite the blogger to your atelier, make her familiar with your work and win her over.
c) Discredit the blogger on as many facebook walls as you can. What does she know about fashion anyway.
d) You call the fashion police.

Kiss them good-bye

Those of you reading Global Hipster, you know as of last Thursday that DIVA magazine has just closed down. As a matter of fact, the issue out at the moment is the last one. Surprised? Apparently so were the employees of Daphne Communications when the were told they are jobless one fine day.

It is really sad to see a Greek magazine closing. Slowly we are being left only with franchise titles... DIVA has always been special to me as it was the first fashion magazine I worked for since I was still a student at Central Saint Martins. I had chosen it particularly for that reason, being Greek. I feel sorry for everyone who got fired that way.

Same goes for everyone working at Eleftheros Tipos and City 99,5 FM, announced to be closing down too today due to constant losses.

Are we bad readers/listeners? Were they bad handlers?
Times are changing.

Fashion Bloggers, You Suck

To be honest, I did not see this one coming. I mean THIS. It is a post by a fellow fashion blogger, fashionpaths (it is clear she is interested in fashion, the blog is called FASHION PATHS).

Fashionpaths compared two designer pieces, one by Marc Jacobs and one by Vasso Consola and concluded they are a "copy-paste" case. At this point, let me note that this is her personal opinion and whether she is right or wrong, it is irrelevant here.

You are the designer in question and you come across this post. What do you do? You post on your public facebook wall that "designers do not usually answer to posts of people not directly related to our work..."

So fashion bloggers are not directly related to designers' work? I am not concerned about the originality of the piece, it's the naiveness of the statement. Oh let me help dear designer:

These are some of the things fashion journalists have said about fashion blogs and the impact they are having on the industry:

  • "These days, to have one finger on the fashion pulse, you need to have the other one on your computer mouse, reading (or writing) the latest blogs."[6] (DAILY MAIL)
    (WIKIPEDIA - more)
Still not persuaded? Well last May, 11 Greek fashion blogs voluntarily put the banner of FTBC on their pages. They started on the 18th of May and stats showed that out of the 479 referrers of the entire month (1st-31st), four of those blogs were amongst the top 30 referrers of the campaign (positions 11, 22, 23 and 26) without ANY support from the press. You must agree this is one powerful piece of stats.

Last but not least, Glamour magazine, one of the top selling titles in this country featured on June issue's cover "Fashion Bloggers GR: the kids that change fashion by pressing enter".

You go into all the trouble of offending a fashion blogger (and in the bigger picture, ALL fashion bloggers), how about bothering to explain yourself on what she was concerned about or even, HOW ABOUT NOT COMMENTING AT ALL?

*pop quiz: who do you think buys designerwear? people directly related to designers' work?

Kokosalaki goes Black Gold

Photo: Marcio Madeira for style.com

It's out: Sophia Kokosalaki will be doing Diesel's* Black Gold line. Renzo Rosso, himself credited Kokosalaki's talent as "incredible" and promised she can do wonders with denim. (in more detail)

*Did you know: Diesel Jeans were named after the oil crisis in the mid-'70s.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Jarvis & Jarvis

Jarvis Cocker live in Athens, Ejekt 09.
(for Hari K who wished she was there)

And here's someone else called Jarvis:)
It's my mate's new puppy. Obviously she is a fan of Mr Cocker, only dog turned out to be a "she". (still teasing her on how she mixed up that -obvious!- part)

Anyways, doggy is such a star, loves Michael Kors sunglasses and vintage handbags (as dishes) as well as the sound of a good, comfy wedge.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Excuse the pixels, blame blogger

Ejekt Fri 19. I know you were expecting Jarvis...Surprise. It's The Subways.

Friday, 19 June 2009

FF Thought #3

Is fast fashion, crap fashion the way fast food is crap food?

Hold on a minute

Looking at the last few posts, I couldn't help but notice there's some sort of general crisis going on (and I don't mean the economic one): Jimmy Choo is doing H&M, Giles Deacon is by now a resident at New Look, D&G are reducing prices, Stella McCartney is doing yet another affordable project and Donna Karan is urging people to buy designerwear in order to support the professions behind it.

Does anyone else see the fear of uncertainty closing in here?

Don't be too quick on celebrating a victory over expensive fashion. I mean would you care so much to own a pair of cotton trousers that look like pyjamas and are made in Romania, if they did not have the label Comme des Garcons sawn on it? Would you still fight for it like a five-year-old in a candyshop when CdG collaborated with H&M if the real deal was not so impossibly expensive? Tell me now that you got it, does it really feel you own a CdG?

So some overcharge, but why not? Do we, shoppers, punish them? Which one of us would say "no, thanks, I don't want to wear your diffusion so you can overcharge in the real line" or "I'd still buy it if there was no campaign supporting it"?

I may have mentioned this before: when Lagerfeld launched his H&M collection, someone told me "it's all happening so that Chanel will sell another lipstick". Wise words I didn't really get at first...

Good or bad? Time will tell.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

One for Deacon fans

New Look's line 'Gold by Giles Deacon' is always on the list when visiting the UK. This summer, the designer is having a go at swimwear.

It will be Deacon’s first ever beach collection exclusively for New Look. Based around an LA 80s electro pops story, the range features swimwear, kaftans, jumpsuits, bags and shoes. Key items from Giles Deacon’s capsule collection include a black canvas beach bag with stud detail, a black wet look bikini, and a black and white graphic print one shoulder swimsuit.

The studs and graphic prints continue through a selection of triangle and bandeau styles in black, white and neon pink. The collection also has a studded flip-flop to finish off any beach look. The collection will be available in New Look stores both in the UK and internationally as well as online.

*The swimsuit featured here retails for £22. Not bad.

Baby Gap by Stella McCartney

Gap has announced plans for a new childrenswear collection created for Gap by Stella McCartney. Expected to launch in late 2009, the collection will be carried in select Gap Kids and Baby Gap stores in the United States and Canada, the UK, France and Ireland, and Japan, as well as online in the US. (That's right, Greece is not on the list so far)

Stella McCartney comments, "For years now I've wanted to create a collection for kids, it's something I've often been asked about. I believe that this one off collaboration will be a great way for customers to be able to participate in the Stella McCartney brand.

I believe that kids clothing should be more accessibly priced, which is particularly important at the moment given the current climate. It's really exciting for us to do a boys and girls collection for the first time."

Just as I thought this one will not bring up the economic recess...

Donna Karan on Crisis Issues

(Supermodel Karen Elson for Donna Karan Resort 09)

After this put a smile(?) on our face, Donna Karan comes to wipe it off. According to a source:

Donna Karan appealed to a gathering of 150 customers at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco last Wednesday to not be self-conscious about buying luxury apparel in a down economy, but rather think of the number of people along fashion’s economic chain being supported by their purchases, reports WWD.

Behind each garment, “there is an amazing depth of knowledge and wisdom,” said Karan, sitting next to Neiman’s fashion director Ken Downing, as the duo offered commentary during a fashion show of the designer’s fall collection, followed by a trunk show.

“They are purchasing garments for a much-larger cause,” Karan said, listing pattern and garment makers, dyers, models, hair dressers, photographers and retail employees among those whose livelihoods are tied to fashion.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Shop Jimmy Choos at H&M

(preview of the collection)

(Tamara Mellon, model wearing Jimmy Choo for H&M and Margareta van den Bosch)

Following the collaboration with Matthew Williamson, H&M has just announced next up: Jimmy Choo. More from today's release:

"This autumn, British accessory brand Jimmy Choo will bring its international glamour and covetable shoes and bags to selected H&M stores. The collection will be available from November 14 in around 200 stores across the world.

It is the first time that H&M is collaborating with an accessories brand, and to celebrate Jimmy Choo will extend its design vision for this collection to women’s clothing to complement the accessories. Further exciting news is that this collaboration includes a men’s collection of shoes, bags and accessories.

Since its launch in 1996, Jimmy Choo has been such a phenomenal success that the brand name has become part of popular culture – say the words “Jimmy Choo”, and you know you mean shoes. In Hollywood, Jimmy Choo shoes have become a red-carpet essential, and have been worn at the Oscars by winners such as Cate Blanchett, Halle Berry and Hilary Swank among many other actresses".

On reductions

fashionindie.com, on WWD reporting that designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce are planning to reduce prices for their clothing by 10-20%, yet maintain quality:

"So basically, all these years you were just overcharging us?"

Wins the Goodie Bag

And the winner of Andria's Goodie Bag iiiis....*drum*

Natalie Papadopoulos

Thanks again people for participating, there will be more competitions for you coming soon.

*(did not have time to do any theatrical selection so I used Lopi's random # generator)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Lagerfeld stays

So this rumour can be finally put to rest: it's official, Lagerfeld stays at Chanel.
(I must admit though it was a damn good scenario!)

I've been trying to confirm his departure from Chanel since I laid eyes on the news. And then, a friend from Paris enlightened me with this. After days of bubbling and circulating in shaken fashion circles, I can tell you it was all in Diane Pernet's mind - at least it's her that french ELLE online holds responsible for spreading the false news.

Order has been restored, you can exhale.

Your personal ...iStylista

Whether you are going through a styling crisis or simply want to know what is considered to be stylistically correct by professionals, these guys seem to have put it all online for you.

iStylista is a free online personal stylist shopping service that is managed exclusively by personal stylists. And it's free (well most of it). They claim to handpick a comprehensive mix of the most covetable international brands making it easy for you to find all your favourite designer brands in one place.

They also offer customised style guides, complete with an online changing room.

Not sure it beats the live styling experience, however it sounds promising.

Monday, 15 June 2009


Nasty view from my window.
Hope everyone is safe in Glyfada & Voula.
No need for this.
(thought it might be different this year...)

The Music Tee

And since we are in a music mood today, how about a music tee.

Apparently LA t-shirt & legging label LnA has teamed up with Invisible DJ* to create the "Music Tee". According to its description "The Music Tee combines digital music and t-shirt fashion in one eye and ear-catching package".

The Music Tee is a T- shirt that is creatively designed to contain “album art” on the front, and a track list on the back. "Each shirt comes with a hang tag printed with a URL and a unique code; each code will allow the owner of the shirt to download one copy of each of the tracks printed on the shirt from the Music Tee Room on LnA's website".

*The Invisible DJ is Brett Brooks, named so after Anna Wintour requested that the DJ to a dinner party should "be invisible".

(listen to it online, here)

Ejekt Tee - Winner

Ok, of all the ways I could have done it, I chose a classic - names on paper and a hat.

Congrats to Kostantina Elmaloglou - girl the tee is all yours.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

*Ejekt Festival is almost here:
Thursday 18/06: Pixies, Editors, Starsailor, White Lies, Mash Up.
Friday 19/06: Royksopp, Jarvis Cocker, Klaxons, The Subways, 2ManyDJs, James Lavelle, Berlin Brides.

Freshen up the lyrics, dig out your festival shoes...

At the bank

Tiny Ma Baker with dark shades on and waving a bubble gun.
Ahhh...Monday mornings.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Ok, this rumour is spreading fast:

Karl Lagerfeld won't be renewing his contract with Chanel. Wait, there is more. Alber Elbaz will be the Kaizer's successor, meaning he's in turn leaving Lanvin. Icing on the cake? Olivier Theyskens will be taking his place (at Lanvin). What a triangle.

Nothing has been confirmed just yet, however, here's one of his latest interviews where he takes Harriet Mays Powell through what may be his last collection for the legendary fashion house (Chanel AW09).

Look out for the quote: "It's a stupid idea but, you know, best ideas are stupid". Can't help but love Lagerfeld interviews.

Friday, 12 June 2009

It's the weekend

The weekend is almost here, make the best out of it.
Don't forget, the Ejekt Tee competition is ending this Sunday (14/06).
If you are in Athens, also have in mind that Synch Festival opens its doors tonight, in Technopolis.

End of a show

And so it came to an end. It was a success and Andria, her models, backstage crew and guests moved on to enjoy the after party. (glimpse of the show)

Posing backstage in wedding dresses.

Posing at the press wall in lux pret-a-porter.

One of the faces I won't be forgetting: Athina, Andria's assistant from Thessaloniki's atelier, wearing Andria. In a good mood and model-like herself. Also, feet I won't be forgetting (!): Athina is wearing the special edition Melissa shoes by Vivienne Westwood.

The morning after: minutes before we boarded the ship back, model Niki Ermi is posing for me in her 'Don't Forget' FTBC t-shirt. Go girl!

Looking back, June 6th was a magical summer night, wind-free for the first time in a while, with an (almost) full moon above Paradise Bay and surrounded by shiny happy people. Quite surreal. The colours of the collection, the taste of fine wine and Andria's endless dancing spirit made life in the city seem so distant for a while.

Till the next one.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Backstage & Giveaway

A few minutes before showtime backstage is a seriously busy zone.

The models can't wait to show off those St. Tropez hats.

FTBC's Marilena Stratopoulou paid a visit backstage and shared her positive energy. Here, in her brand new summer hair style, the braids, posing with model Olga Kyprioti.

In the meantime, the guests were gathering on the main balcony.

Calm as it may look at the poolside, the preparation frenzy was at its peak backstage, with hundreds of goodie-bags being put together for the guests on the side.

Mod's Hair brand new shampoo sample, Mod's Hair newsletter, FTBC's summer edition and a special Andria top featuring 'Mykonos '09' were among the items carefully wrapped and placed inside it.

Wish you were there?
Win a goodie-bag by sending an email to aleccarox@windowslive.com, subject 'Goodie-Bag'! (Competition ends on Tuesday, June 16th - winners will be notified by email and through this blog)