Saturday, 21 August 2010

The opposite of accessorize

After shocking people at the beach in these, let me shock you too by the lack of accessories in this raspberry moment of mine. With temperatures reaching my limits, even my tiny pearl earrings felt too much so they were fast removed along with necklace and bracelets. Does it look strange? Does it really matter? Well it felt good.

Speaking of lack of accessories, there's a certain kind I can't live without (literally?!) these days.
Officially a fetish ladies.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

That dress

Not even sure if this is a dress. But do you remember those fringe summer dresses that were oh-so-summer-fever once upon a time? This is as close as it gets. I used to have a pink one as a kid. It's only kid sizes you get at souvenir stores these days. I swear I'd buy them in every colour of the rainbow had they made a come-back.

Random tip: aegean winds tend to be quite strong this time of the year. If your hair is long like mine, it will fly like mad all over the place. So you clip it. But then it flies with the clip on it and that wasn't the effect you were looking for. Clip it safely on your strap then! There. Now it's gonna stay nicely in place. Looks interesting too.

Random emergency: my skin must be sun-proof. Mid-August and where is my tan? I've switched sunblock to baby oil and I am eating enough carrots to put Bugs Bunny to shame. Any ideas? Urgent.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Strigles rubber ducklings

Flip-flops customized by Strigles, they just make my day.
A fun accessory sprinkled with good vibes always does and this brand is loaded.

Strigles blogs too, have you seen? All the wonderful stuff she makes and does are here.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Antoni&Alison for Glamour Uk!

For the big fan of Antoni & Alison I am, this is such a mind-blowing exclusive to be hosting - for my side of the world at least. Seems like Glamour UK is planning to start Autumn with a fun, local approach and if you put fun next to fashion, there's none better to work with than the House of Mr & Mrs Antoni & Alison.

Eight limited edition tees have been designed by the UK based duo for Glamour's first ever regional issues. Specially created to reflect the mood of each city and modelled on the cover by Katy Perry in her own special way, they will be among us this September - or late August, glossies are early birds.

The special tees will be available from Antoni&Alison's website for one month only and are made to order. Got a favourite certain part of the UK? Here's a brilliant way to show your love in style. Love A&A? Start collecting! Here's how they went from drafts to flesh:
Presented to the Glamour team (from left to right: Alison, Antoni, Claudia, Jo, Helen & Charlotte).
Some finalised sketches. Simple, clear and loud:

*Looking forward to seeing how regional approach works out for print.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Surfing & surfing

The other day these kids shook the beach with their invention, a surf board dragged by a fishing boat. They were giggling for hours, falling off, stirring the water. Looked like so much fun! Which reminded me...
...about a lifetime ago, I've had a taste in San Sebastian, though the waves were no fishing boat (have never drunk so much sea water -possibly small fish too!- in my life).

Didn't care much about what we wore as long as it took us to the beach. Well, life's got humour: these days surfing to me is being online, posting about clothes.

Where have I put that boogie board I wonder.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Monday blue

'Monday' earrings - divided, dress - atmosphere, bangle - (err..not sure), shoes - anastazi bournazos, map (!) - paper tablecloth covering every taverna table in Paros (thought some of you might like to do location spotting of previous posts)

Are there Mondays when on holiday?

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Selection of tests I did on how my camera shoots from various angles. Small tribute to my cotton playsuit too. Crossed my mind that not much else needs to be packed for a summer holiday. Visually challenging it's not, but sometimes, visually challenging I don't need.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Kalogeros, Paros, GR

Do I look blue to you?
Wait till you see these guys:
And this lot is turning burgundy by the minute:
That's because the first have rubbed against this natural green clay rock...
...and the second, against the red clay rock right next to it.
Green clay goes turqoise once dry. (fishy got the spa treatment too)
Red clay goes a powdery lilac. (I tried both)
I tell you, this is nature's most amazing and effective spa. And this is a proof that natural clay doesn't come in tubes at the store. It's really out there.
Enough to apply on every inch of your body, absolutely free.
Hair too. No kidding, this mud does wonders, leaving everything shiny and velvety when washed off - including your swim suit.
There's plently for everyone and that rock is massive, towering over a beautiful sandy beach. Or should I say "there's still plenty" as each year, to my horror, I see tourists being griddy and happily breaking entire parts of it to take home.

If in Paros, I strrrrongly recommend the beach of Kalogeros.

Tip: have an empty water bottle with you - the clay is activated once wet and carrying sea water with your hands will take ages!

For step-by-step directions on how to use it and what's in it, see last year's post.