Thursday, 30 April 2009

Some things change, some never will

Back. (told you I'd be quick)

And whilst we're at a Barbie mood, here's one of the first commercials ever made and one of the latest, back-to-back, for the sake of stirring things up (rhyme was not intended).

Half a century ago, we would be impressed by miniature hangers. Now it's miniature credit cards. Oh aren't we nortured to consume...

not really Here

...that's right.

Apart from convenient messages, Athens based jewellery designer Jessica does some fab work too. Her latest collection, Vintage Envy, consists of limited edition vintage recycled pieces which also incorporate modern elements for an eclectic combination.

Have a look, I'll be back before you notice...

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Kartell <3 Barbie <3 Moschino

It's more than furniture at the Furniture Fair in Milan at the moment. Design giant Kartell loves Barbie, who loves Moschino and they've all joined the festivities for plastic babe's 50th.

Oversized She and eternal beau Ken have made themselves at home at the windows of the local flagship store, dressed in Moschino and standing alongside Kartell's special edition chairs, Louis Ghost and Lou Lou Ghost .

The plastic purveyor home items featuring Barbie's face come in both real and miniature size in a fun, celebrational limited edition. The profits from the Barbie boxed, doll-house size items will go towards the good causes of Save the Children Foundation.

With my very own birthday just a sneeze away, I wouldn't mind a "Barbie-goes-design" gift in the post. (Come on Barbie, I've always been nice to you) (Ok, sorry for what I did to your hair back in the '80s...) are kidding me

I am stuck. I cannot close the bowser of* for the last couple of hours. This has got to be the best flash animated online fashion mag I've ever clicked on...

Style>Elle>6.La mode en 3D
Beaute>1.Portrait Peter Gray

JCDC, editors and flash magicians who did this, vous avez mon respect le plus total.

*just in case... that's only Castelbajac's tongue-in-cheekiness, it doesn't really sell stuff, dah.


Kolonaki, Athens centre. Lemon tree counting three lemons, third floor. Or was it second?

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Plueys are fun

Plueys love Alecca and I love them back. Natural rubber, cute prints and mmd names like 'MatchPoint' and 'Oooh La Lace' have put them on my list long time ago.

It all began when a girl decided she was sick and tired of wet, ruinned shoes and came up with this line. She named it Plueys, a playful take on the French 'pluie' for 'rain' but it's more than rain boots I see in them. (more on plueys)

Wondering where you could be showing these off? Plueys have notes on that too, you'll love them whilst:

* Braving some thundery summer storms!
* Trying to give your squirmy dog a bath. At least your feet will stay dry...
* Perfect for oh-so-stylish gardening.
* Churning up the mud at music festivals and concerts.
* Beachcombing, treasure hunting and exploring tide pools by the beach.
* Picking wildflowers and dandelions for your beau (or just because).

Want'em? I've scored us a 10% off online buys;) Just use the reference 'aleccaislove' *.

(It's all here

*valid till 23.07.09

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Turn it off

It's Sunday. Just shut down your pc and go catch some sun.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Survival of the Fittest

If you thought New Yorkers were mad for storming into that 5th Avenue H&M store the day Matthew Williamson's line was launched, put madrileños and madrileñas to your list too:

Why do we do this I wonder. What makes a lawyer pull off a sickie, a student to skip school and a mother to go fight like Hulk Hogan just to get an H&M piece of clothing labeled by some designer but 'made in China/Romania' nonetheless?

And if you think this would never happen to our country, think again. Here's a photo report from last November, when the Comme des Garçons collaboration was released. I went to H&M that used to be in Stadiou str. to see with my own eyes and took some shots whilst at it.

Remember that store?

08:50 - a restless qeue awaited the opening of the main door.
And then, you just had to be fast and furious...

A few days later, it was all gone. Literally...

Friday, 24 April 2009

Maria Daskalaki: Misunderstood

Remember this post? New designer starts her show with an s/m video, no warning of the adult material to follow and then models in s/m accessories come down the catwalk. Some people leave the room.

A few days later I met Maria Daskalaki in person. I had to ask: WHY? You know what, Maria is lovely. And misunderstood. Bring your coffee/tea close and keep reading, this is interesting.

AR:What was the inspiration behind the collection you showed at AXDW?
MD: It came from a tantrum in Camden town and an earworm. It all started months ago in London, where I was visiting my brother. We were walking in Camden when I came across a mask I found deeply inspiring.

I had already spent my cash and my brother who does not understand how different objects can inspire a creative mind refused to buy it for me, no matter how I insisted.
I felt so powerless at that point, totally depended on him, buying my object of desire was beyond my control.

At the house, his friends would play Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People (Seb Leger Mix) non-stop and on the plane back, the earworm and the obsession with that mask lead to a creative explosion: I’d make a collection for powerful, independent women. The mask concept was translated into s/m masks and the song gave it all a punk-rock feel.

The styling was adjusted to this idea. The message was strong women who are in control in life, not (only) in bed as it mistakenly came out.

AR:What went wrong?
MD: When having a catwalk I like to hold a proper show, expressing the theme of my collections to the maximum. The intro, the video, the music, the styling as well as the catwalk march were all planned to the last detail.

Between the previous show and mine, a break was scheduled, during which my marketing people would place postcards with my bio on the seats complete with pop-corn to give the feel of a proper spectacle.

Since the accessories were adult material, they would then go to the entrance and make sure only individuals above 21 would be allowed in. Then 20-30 seconds of that old s/m video would be screened with lights on and no sound, just to give the effect of before and after when my show began. Then it would be show-time.

As you saw though, it all went wrong for reasons beyond my powers. Due to time restrictions the audience of the previous show was not let out so none was warned of what would follow. Moreover my guests were outside, were denied entrance and to cover the small break someone instructed that my video gets played.

That was a ten minute s/m video played with lights off and sound on! So not my plan. I was backstage preparing the models when a fellow student walked in in panic, shouting “your video has been playing for way too long!”...

AR:How did you handle this?
MD: I was devastated. Tried to take the bow as calmly as I could and then went out and started apologising towards all directions, to people shocked by the show, to friends, families and buyers who were not allowed in, to anyone I could. Sad thing is, it was not even my fault, I was clueless and embarrassed.

AR: Last November you had won the AXDW awards for Best Catwalk and Best Trendsetter. What was that collection like?
MD: It was inspired from my hobbies. I am very athletic, have been training in swimming for 13 years and for the last few, I do kick boxing. I wanted to create a clubwear collection and based on that, I put together a catwalk with references to the Bronx, studio 54 dancing mood and glimpses of Mohammad Ali. I don’t have my own showroom yet, but this SS 09 collection is available so people interested can contact me directly.

AR: For which audience do you design?
MD: I make clothes for women who want to be different, who dare to express themselves through what they wear, spirited and assertive, who know how to have some fun.

AR: Do you wear what you make?
MD: I don’t design clothes to dress myself necessarily. I would be too pressured and set boundaries to my creativity. However I really like what I’ve made so far and yes, I’ve worn some pieces too.

AR: What will you bring to the fashion world as a new designer?
I would like to change the way people think of what’s “in fashion”. The speed at which fashion changes these days is so fast that before you can say you are fashionable, you are already “out of fashion”. I want people to be unique, different from one another and in a stylistically playful mood.

AR: What is your favourite item in your closet?
MD: It’s not one in particular. It all depends on the mood of the moment: rock, pop, disco, sporty, etc.

AR: Where can you be reached at?
My email:

*Thank you Maria, wish you all the best & hope you never have to go through this again;)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M

As most of you know, today was the release day of the Matthew Williamson collection for H&M. Not sure how we took it in Athens, but you MUST see how things went in New York...

Ahh this is rediculous.

Catwalk to Closet

So I've been moaning about the weather a bit too much. Had to cheer myself up somehow and is a website that has a happy effect on me:

Chloe cropped jacket from 645 pounds down to 180 (*applause*) ...
...Missoni ruffled lace top from 725 down to 199 (<3! <3!) ...
...Juicy Couture multistrand necklace from 190 down to 45, aaand...
...Jenny Dyer cashmere sweater reduced from 185 to 49 pounds (final sale they say).

Chilly as I am right now (ALMoST MAY FoR GoD'S SAKE) I think I'll go for the sweater...

Nike + Nylon

Nylon magazine and Nike have collaborated in making a...shoe. Peaches Geldof in between shoots said they remind her of the sun. I like them. And since Athens' still not getting any (sun), hit the play button, maybe they'll have this sunny effect on you too.

(available as of June 1st, in selected stores. they'd better select my local).

I've just joined I was tipped off a few posts back by Gia, who is apparently the creator of this very interesting social network for fash-bloggers (her profile says she's currently 21). In her words:

Vogueicon is a social networking website for Bloggers, enabling you to promote your blog. After registration, you manage your own area, post articles, give marks or comments... and you have the possibility to create groups. An easy way to meet people and find a community of interest !

It may be brand new, but looks promising.
My member name is AleccaRox .
What have we got here...

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

One of those






dress: any floral dress.
jumper: any black jumper
leggings: any black leggings
shoes: (there's no mistake about those)
scarf: long piece of cotton turquoise fabric
beach: you'll never guess! (Katerina B. may get this one)

This Spring tastes like...

Chewing, drinking, eating through Spring 09.
Watermelon chewing gum, Rose scented coffee, Vanilla flavoured cakes.

Had enough of gloomy, cloudy skies though. I was promised sunshine...