Sunday, 9 November 2008

Athens Xclusive Designers Week

More fashion in this town!

Taking place from 08-11-08 till 11-11-08. Very different to Hellenic Fashion Week as this one is not associated with the Hellenic Fashion Designers Association and is strictly not buyers oriented. This is not to indicate good or bad, but different.

Here's the schedule:

(click to enlarge)

Very classy entrance and reception, catwalk area as it should be, stylish fashion crowd and casual spirit that allows you to blend in with the fashion people instead of simply observing them in "glass bubbles".

Reporting on the first day, some shows left me breathless and in some, I simply could not breathe:

Penelope Zagoras: Haute Couture. Many dead animals. So last century, could not focus on the designs, due to horror. Kept wanting to grab those dead minks off the models and burry them in my back yard where they can finally rest in peace. Otherwise, a lot of romantic red carpet/wedding material.

Gaspard Yurkievich: Wearable stuff, professional seams and fittings, a lot of beige and navy blue. Young, casual, commercial, no extravaganzas.

Notis Panayiotou & Marina Zachou: Men wore mostly tiny swimsuits and featured (boring) body-painting whilst women marched in heavily printed chiffon dresses and tops. Went on for ages. Sorry for being strict, just my opinion (and a few others').

Fatima Lopez: Fashion, finally! Young, fresh, inspiring desing. Mainly short dresses (seriously short!), red-white-black and oh how we loved the white strapless little number covered in laser-cut white floral detail. Check her out!

Ungaro: Menswear. Creative director Frank Bocklet was there to take the bow. Very tight, italian cut, short suit jackets, hot pink, grey and woman-like bags. Very pleasant to see Ungaro going funky.

Angelos Frentzos: Party with Amateur Boyz. No catwalk, pure entertainment though. Models scattered around the event. Started at 00:00, sorry there's no more info, too tired to attend!

More updates, soon.

x, Alecca.