Monday, 21 December 2009

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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Bazaar Safari Weekend

My "Days to Xmas" countdown is now down to "6" and rightfully stated on every social media by the Atheneans, this weekend the list of ongoing bazaars in town is longer than ever! If you were thinking of attending them all, you are in for a... safari. Your map? My right column list of events.

click - note address - go!
Happy present hunting;)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Strella's Traviata dress - exclusive making of!

Strella - the movie, is making its debut for the public today, at the local cinema theatres. In Paris it's been played in 17 cinema's since last month, receiving excellent critics, but never mind, it seems that we like to follow even when it comes to stuff we produce ourselves. Having already watched it at Fog Films Fest earlier in November, I can tell you it's a must-see (look out for messages besides the obvious).

This blog is welcoming this premiere by hosting absolutely exclusive images of Strella's Traviata dress making of, through its creator's personal archive and his very own words. Costumes & fashion designer Vassilis Barbarigos that is, and the dress in talk is the amazing number Strella (Mina Orfanou) wore at the drag show scene (appearing in the official trailer, at minute 00:25) :

Like all other surprises in that movie, this dress is not what it seems. It is a paper dress, especially created for the needs and status of the particular scene. Here are the unreleased images of the construction process, followed by Barbarigos insights on the demanding project:
"The dress consists of 26 metres of hand-crafted paper lace. The paper used was light, with a delicate, mat laminated surface. The pattern is a perfect circle".
"It was made in February 2007 and it took myself and a small team of two to have it ready in about 10 days of full-time work. It involved sewing like with fabrics, but also silicon glueing resulting to some nasty finger burning! Challenging part was to make the low neckline stay in place during filming as paper does not behave like fabric on the human body".
"The brief was to create a dress based on famous performances of Giuseppe Verdi's 'La Traviata'. After reading the script, I felt that a conventional costume would not be the way. It was a drag show with surreal, comical elements and I found that a paper dress was more in line with the theme. Having had experience from a previous collaboration with the Benaki Museum for the exhibition 'RRRIPP!!Paper Fashion', I was both confident and inspired".
"The starring actress, lovely Mina Orfanou, embraced the challenge and wonderfully blew life into that paper dress. Of all the costumes I designed for Strella, I am more attached to this one by far. At the moment it is safely stored and at some point it will be exhibited".
"These are all images from my personal archive. Once upon a time, we used to shoot polaroids. Now it's the 3.2 Mega Pixels of a mobile phone..."
(above, Barbarigos with Orfanou at her birthday party)
Vassilis Barbarigos has been in the fashion industry for the last ten years. He's got numerous costume design projects under his belt, cinema, theatre, exhibitions and corporate, aside from his own collection and capsule lines for stores like Bettina in Athens. He agreed to unveil this material in a blog because he feels it is more personal, has a soul just like his work. Deeply honoured this blog is mine.

Best wishes to "Strella" the movie, costume designer V. Barbarigos, director P.Koutras and everyone behind this film. Above all, best wishes to the new Greek cinema.

Strella on wordpress
Strella on facebook
Strella for the french speakers

Barbarigos on facebook
Barbarigos on myspace

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Sugar Line Productions Party - xmas gifts inspiration #2

Second and final xmas shopping pit for last Sunday was Sugar Line Productions "to know us better" shopping party. I was familiar with the Sugar Line aesthetics before but visiting the studio/store, was quite a revelation. All my childhood memories stood there on the shelves, transformed into the funkiest handmade accessories! So many of them, so colourful, sentimentally charged and obviously made with love.

It's been a long time since I last wanted to load the entire shop on a truck and bring it home and that night I got the kicks. In the end I did the sensible thing and managed to cross out another two names off my xmas shopping list thanks to this fun'n'glam bling:

The actual space is like an exotic jungle where the sweetest, retro-spelled items grow like delicious fruits on a tree. Everything from the decorations to the space arrangement have touches of Super Katerina, the brand's mastermind and creator of the hundreds of themed accessories. It must take a very brave person to dust this place I thought at some point.
And Katerina confirmed. Actually she is officially brave, posing below next to her very own Jedi Knight certificate!
Yummy munchies, drinks, beautiful stuff and good company: Battered Couture was there too, sporting her newly acquired gem, an "Animals Against Humanity" brooch. Thought those flaming red lips just had to be in the picture;) Her lence was on fire too, so click on her blog and check out what this evening was like for her.
Should have bought those pac-man earrings, a small tribute to the days I was championing the sport at the arcade as a kiddo. How appropriate they are being displayed on a video cassette...
And here is where it's all done: a peep to Katerina's working space. I wouldn't mind being locked in there for the night. Or forever.
Below, the lavender stuffed turtle Psarokokalo asked me to deliver, guarding the till and spreading good vibes. (mission accomplished!)
Last but not least - and since the rain soaked the wrapping later on - I had to show you the super-creative, literally sweet (!) Sugar Line packing treatment:
Sugar Line Productions, thanks for a smashing Sunday party;)

Monday, 14 December 2009

Psarokokalo Open Day - xmas gifts inspiration #1

I've already said I went to Psarokokalo's Open Day last Sunday. It was great to be at the the place where all her lovely crafts come to life and even greater to have finally crossed out a few names off my xmas shopping list. As I suspect you have your very own list to worry about these days, I am presenting you with my finds for inspiration & planning;)

Stuff I bought:
Handmade stuffed fishy, filled with soothing lavender, by Psarokokalo. Bought for a special someone who works daily with fabrics, to use as a pin/needle holder.

Blackboard ring, complete with a colour pensil and tiny sponge, by Evrydiki. This one is for someone who loves rings and... messages. Would come in handy to write down phone numbers at a night out too! I think she'll luuuuv it.

Another needle holder by Psarokokalo. The one featured here is her own. I ordered a similar one for a designer friend, customised to be worn as a bracelet especially for him. Ah, the joys of the custom-made option!

And of course I got this knit detail t-shirt I've had my eyes on since this post. You can't tell much from this shot but that's only because it's soon to be featured here as part of an outfit.

Stuff I didn't buy, but are still awesome:
Children's toy - pouch, handmade by Psarokokalo. It looks like a lovely pouch but once opened, it spreads into a perfect circle playland, complete with toys according to the theme (boys/girls). Ideal for Mums & Dads who want to keep their little one busy whilst out and about. Genius.

Custom-made pendants. The girls could write any message you chose to the small silver plates and create personalised necklaces and bracelets in just a few minutes. Here's an idea for something that would be literally "made for you".

Stuffed dolls and mustache pillows, Psarokokalo's trademark designs for a while now.

And so are these wise, quiet owls.

Other customise-able items were fabric frames - although clever ready made ones were on display too - and...

...sketches of you or any face you could provide a picture of, designed on the spot, to hang maybe forever on your wall. A portrait like no other and most certainly a gift like no other.

*sad you missed this? Another one is coming up real soon! On 18-19-20 of December, at 8 Kosma Mpalanou str, Mets, Athens, 17:00-22:00. Buzzer "Psarokokalo Studio".

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday heroes

It may have been raining cats and dogs -chair legs for the Greeks- but this Sunday I was going to go to as many shopping events as I could, even if it took Noah's ark to get there. I swear I would have never made it without these shoes which I now pronounce heroes of the day:

Excuse their state, I've just walked in and at the end of the day, heroes are always messy. Don't be surprised at the height of those heels, I tell you, rubber shoes keep your feet dry and steady even if you have to climb up Athens Mets' waterfalls looking for your car:

And that's exactly what I did I'm afraid. Got totally lost and had to walk each and every street in the area, rain on my face, feet and all over my lovely buys. I remembered the hot July noon these shoes were bought. It was in Thessaloniki walking in and out of shops with a friend who is a stylist. "Buy them" she had told me, "they are going to be big this winter". They were on sale for 10 euros but still it was so hot that day, winter shoes were the last thing I felt like getting. "Buy them now or regret it forever" she had insisted, so here I am now, so greatful I took her advice:)

Awkward moment whilst looking for my car: I am soaking wet, mascara running on my face and all, and I pass by some bar I'd never seen before. Some live gig was at large so I stopped to see what's up (as if I wasn't about to catch pneumonia). Right next to me, by the window, were these guys performing this song and looking at the state of me...looking at them. For a moment there I thought about going in for a beer to warm up my bones but then I was too embarassed they had to see me like this. I chickened out, smiled and left. Well, here's them performing the exact same song:)

However. It was fate I had to attend some gig on this Sunday night. The minute I sat into my car (obviously I found it at some point), my mate called and said he was going to The Burger Project's live. a) I really like their covers and it was ages since I last saw them live, b) I don't get to see that friend that often and c) by then, I needed that beer badly. Could not resist taking a picture of the band. Among other things, I love their sense of styling (or the lack of thereof!)

As for my buys, well, be patient. This post is getting too long;)
11 days to Christmas, happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Xmas Shopping Sunday

It maybe a cold, rainy Sunday tomorrow, but some of the hottest xmas shopping events are scheduled to take place in town and bring some sunshine to your gifts' list - or simply your closet!

Gift inspiration, wine, browsing and a 15% off all purchases are on the menu of numerous shops in Psirri area which will be open especially this Sunday for your convenience and pleasure. Those are:

Formika design store (Pallados 9 - 210.3234636)
Occhi (Sarri 35 - 210.3213298)
Mofu (Sarri 28 - 210.3311922)
Euangelia (Aristofanous 15. 4th floor - 6972533664)
Tonic Essentials (Pallados 24-26 - 210.3317371 )
Sotiris Georgiou ( Miaouli 16. 2nd floor - 210.3243201 )
Κartoutsa (Taki 9 - 210.3247525)

Shopping activity will be taking over the Mets area too:

Sugar Line Productions, the most fun, retro-pop accessories brand around, is throwing and xmas shopping party at its headquarters, Trivonianou 42-44 (Mets). Music and munchies will be keeping the spirits high whilst you go down memory lane and ...choose which part you'd like to immortalise is the shape of a very skillfully crafted necklace or barcelet.

A couple of blocks down the road, Psarokokalo is hosting an open day at 8 Kosma Balanou str. Unique, fresh and funky items extend beyond clothes and accessories and promise to add the nicest touch of original, limited edition design to your home too.

Apart from Psarokokalo, designers participating are Taxis+Quat, Lacravate du Chien, Evrydiki and Efig. Very exciting detail: they will all be handcrafting on the spot personalised gifts & toys.

*For the facebook events pages, click on the images above.

Other stuff going on are noted and posted by Battered Couture, here and THE1015LAB, here.

Keep checking my right column for latest additions (all images linked to the events, click-click!). The closer we move to Christmas, the more exciting bazaars are listed.
Oh, joy!

Have a lovely, successful & merry shopping weekend;)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Fuga, my one and only

Ok, I have a thing for unique stuff, that much you know. My Fuga bags are as unique as it gets though, as they were produced especially for me in one-off pieces. Did I get a special treatment? No. That's what Fuga is all about: custom-made, one of a kind stuff. Does it seem like a special xmas gift or what!

First time I visited Fuga, Dina, owner of the store and creator of the bags, explained how the concept took off: "I'd designed a couple of styles for each item, handbags, purses, tobacco cases, and customers that walked in tended to make comments like this is lovely, but I'like it in blue or my boyfriend would love this, if only I could add his initials on it. So I thought, why not? I can do that!"

And so she did. It wasn't long before she had a steady clientele of people who craved unique accessories, just like me. How convenient then that Dina's sewing machine and stash of fabrics are right next to the till!

I had my first bag done there after choosing the size, colour and desired shape. A random chat about my cat led Dina to add a felt kitty detail which I really liked. The discreet logo label on the inside lining was a nice touch too. A few months later, and as my wardrobe was turning alarmingly green, I went back asking to have the exact same bag in a matching colour. These bags are so easy and affordable, I'm thinking of ordering a third one soon!

In case you feel like visiting Fuga too, it's at 35 Themistokleous str. at Exarhia, Athens. Oh, and don't go too early, store opens at 12;)

British Fashion Awards 2009

Last night, the best of the British and international fashion industries including Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova, Joan Bustein, Karen Elson, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Dame Vivienne Westwood gathered at the Royal Courts of Justice for the British Fashion Awards, hosted by Lauren Laverne. Marking the culmination of the BFC's 25 year celebrations, the ceremony saw Burberry's Christopher Bailey win Designer of the Year and Grace Coddington receive the Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator. (all the info, here)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Thank you, Celebrity Skin

One of the very first decisions I had to take when starting this blog, about a year ago, was whether or not I'd be showing my face. Thinking of the real reasons why I decided to blog, my decision was easy: face didn't matter.

Celebrity Skin, Dimitris Strepkos & Eleni Barla, noticed this statement and had quite the thing for Alecca: a custom made pair of sunglasses, dressed in a sequined veil, handmade for the styling of their latest collection "Immortal Extravaganza". Needless to say, I love it... So, big thank you to Celebrity Skin.

The timing was just perfect as my first ever recorded interview had landed and I was proud to be featured wearing a piece of my very own "Immortal Extravaganza" (see image above). Sweet thank you to and Elena Mpoulia for a fun interview - for the Greek speaking audience, today here.

Leaving you with a mini selection of Celebrity Skin's latest photo shoot, breathtaking as always:

photo NIKOL bartzoka
clothes/hats/jewels CELEBRITY SkIN
athens NoV/09