Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Today I came across the shop window of 'New Bond', a shop hidden well in Alkiviadou str., Piraeus, just off Sotiros. It wasn't the dress that stopped me -even though I'm in desperate need for one for New Year's. It was the hairdryer. I love old hairdryers.Audrey Hepburn (my all time style idol) used to relax under one in between scenes, have a cigarette and conduct business with her agents, right there, under the dryer -as mentioned by Mark Shaw, the man who shot this picture back in 1953. Till this very day, it looks so avant garde, don't you think?
There are many suggestions as to who invented it. For Europe, it is being said that Alexander F. Godefoy came up with it in his salon in France, as early as 1890. For North America, some say it was Madame C. J. Walker around the same time. Oh well, congrats to whoever did it. I owe them a lot!

In any case, the first blowdryers were...the vacuum cleaners! That's right: from one side you could attach a hose and clean the floor and on the other, a different hose and dry your hair. It wasn't until the 1920's that the blowdryers hit the market. The first ones though were large and heavy and did not function exactly according to the needs of a stylish head. I mean look at it:
Much later, in 1973, Judy Garland would enjoy the process way more comfortably, having lunch and milk at the same time (??). (picture found here).I have sat under one of those. I remember my grandma had taken me to an old hair salon when I was little and I was fascinated by them. Them, and the red plastic ear covers she had to wear so she could stand the hot air for longer. In the end, I managed to get the hairdresser to put me under one, and she had to sit me on 3 pillows to get me to the right height. I was good as gold for the rest of the visit even though I nearly burned my 4-year-old hair.
Ah now this, I seriously wish I had: a portable hairdryer. It came out in the '60s as did many other very stylish gadgets. Shame they are not around anymore. Imagine doing your nails and chatting to your girlfriends whilst your hair is being nicely dried on its own...
This one looks more stylish. General Electric PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!
But not these. God no. Looks like this woman is trying to pull out her own eyeball. What were people at Ronson thinking?
Something similar to what the designers of this one must have thought: hot air is torture to your hair anyway, let's have a laugh! It really is a blowdryer, came across it at etsy.com. The user that's put it up for sale shares some lovely memories "You should see the bizarre wedding pictures our photographer got, our litte jr bridesmaids getting ready, holding this to their heads... oh my!". Oh my.
Anyways, this is what I want to buy now: a vintage hairdryer like this one. Some guy says he bought this '50s model for 18 USD and works great (http://www.vacuumland.org/). I am so jealous. I want one. Seriously, it is such a relaxing experience. And would look fab in my livingroom, just like it did in that window. Should have asked where they got it from (sorry dear brand new ceramic straighteners of mine!).
Even if it doesn't work, I could always turn it into something like this:

A vintage-pop touch looks good in every modern space. At least it would look good in my space. I think.

Anyway. Next post will be about what I'm changing the year in. Even if that ends up being my very stylish.. pyjamas! Wish me luck...

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Shoe Street Special

It was about time I revealed the street I've been talking about in the last two posts. To the Greeks or those visiting, this is definetely a hotspot not to be missed. To the rest of you, this post will simply be a bit of... shoe-national geographic.These are my boots, checking out -well- other boots at Filonos street in Piraeus. These ones I had bought years ago from Oasis in London for 5 quid. It was the last pair on sale and my size too (i'm a lucky 5). At the mo they are so in fashion over here, everyone keeps asking where I bought them from.
Today, Filonos is a street full of shoe stores. A few decades ago though, Filonos used to be the red district of the port of Piraeus. You can get there easily by train (it's about 3 blocks away from Piraeus train station) or bus (040 from Syntagma will drop you off at Dimotiko Theatro, 2 streets opposite Filonos). I know it doesn't look like much in the picture, but dig this: it's a mile of shoe stores!
The 35 euro boots that elsewhere will cost you 100. Now I've got proof. Print it and rub it at the face of those who think they can cheat this way:)
Apart from the excellent prices, I really like the shops down there for being unique and covering aaaall styles and types of feet. It is more than fashion really and I think that's great. It should always be about personal style and not what big brands want you to stock on each season. Style is beyond fashion, and that's what this blog is all about anyway.
Most shops are quite old and still have this ancient system of protecting their windows (or should I say vintage?). Boots look imprisoned in there and this adds to my desire of wanting to free them and take them home. (any excuse...)
I quite like the red pumps on the left. Maybe I'll buy them, price is totally silly.

And these are my sister's next target. Not sure how I feel about shiny leather on such a large surface, but for 70 euros, what the heck!

Hope this was inspiring. I definetely enjoyed sharing.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry New Boots!

omg, i can see this turning into a shoe blog.
These are my new boots, they feel like walking on cotton. They are beige, leather, totally no-name, made-in-Greece boots. Another buy from that street I mentioned in the previous post. Sorry for not revealing location yet, it's just that I've been too lazy to go and take pictures and I think such a post would deserve to be accurate and detailed. I promise I'll do it before the new year:$ (especially as I am planning to go and invest on more fabulous shoes from there!). Hope you all had a lovely time with friends and family these days,x.

*boots cost me 50 euros, very pleased.
**tights were one of those mistaken buys i love making: liked the pattern and grabbed them off some special offer basket (5 euros). They turned out to be children's, no wonder the girl at the till gift-wrapped them without asking. Luckily they fit me so well - oops, now it's out, I am as tall as a..tall 12-year-old:)

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Black Pumps

These are my new pumps. Fake, black aligator pumps. I am sooo happy for this buy. First of all they are very easy to walk on, which means hours of dancing around the Christmas tree tomorrow. Second I bought them for 400 euros. Ooops. I meant 40. Fourty euros, can you believe it? I've discovered this shoes paradise (location to be revealed in a following post) where everything is magically cheaper to anywhere else. My sister is still kicking herself for buying some boots for 100 euros, which we then found there for a mere 35!

Front hidden wedge is most likely what makes them so impossibly comfy.

The zip at the back was love at first sight. I think it is ever so stylish in a sort of ..kinky way.

And the length of the heels will keep me at a decent height this holiday!!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Wellies for Winter

Speaking of Lily Cole, this is a picture of her taken last summer at Glastonbury (came across it here). It reminded me how of comfy as well as kind to my feet wellies have always been. Truth is I feel wellies are so 2005 (remember? Kate Moss & Pete Doherty? yellow Marc Jacobs wellies on ebay?). Anyways, I found the closest thing to them, as comfy, but so right now, this season's DKNY wellie-like boots. Even though I am not a fan of logo emblazoned shoes, they are so convenient that I decided to bring them home with me. Guess what: I was not the only one appreciating them.

These are my feet, happily wearing them.
Oh and this is my cat, totally and mysteriously loving ...my left boot!
Whenever I leave them outside the shoe storage unit, I find that left boot in her beddy. It's crazy.
At first I thought it was some kind of smell she liked so much (had I stepped on something fishy?) but no. After spying on her several times I realised she likes to check out her reflection on the shiny parts. (still working on why she keeps choosing the left one).

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Water Lily

January editorials may have not rocked my world, but this shoot did...

I am lost for words. These are screenshots of the gallery of fresh2o , a water charity created to raise awareness over the need for fresh water all over the planet. They have done shoots with other celebrities too (Kiera Knightley), but these ones particularly impressed me.

They were all shot by photographer Candice, a pioneer of the underwater portrait.
Back when I used to live in London, i'd bump into her all the time in Queensway, going to the local bowling/skating centre with her friends, other 16-year-olds I would not normally notice. To be honest, if she was not as remarkably tall, I may not have noticed her either. Seeing her in this shoot though, I am totally pursuaded she is a supermodel and a pro. You have no idea how hard it was creating those perfect images. Actually, you can see it here. On the other hand, fresh2o has done such a great job in catching my attention. I hope along with awareness they manage to raise the money too for their good cause.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

January Issues - Editorials

Something I've been looking forward to were the dreamy, well-prepared editorials of those xmassy-new year's magazines. I must say, I was not exactly rewarded. However, it was not all bad!

I absolutely loved Vogue Hellas' one themed 'Eternal Love' (em... surprise, surprise, shot by Annie Liebovitz with Juliette being Coco Rocha!):

But also this one in L'Officiel, themed 'Fairytale Gone Mad' shot by Thanasis Krikis, one of the few locals who never fails me (model...kept secret - ?? - credit was missing):

(ok, now I am officially done with January Issues)
(last one: fairytale-stuff and dark shoots seem to be this season's must-do or what?)

January Issues in... 'Gifts'

Only they are not. You do pay for them, obviously: Elle cost me 6.50 euros, L'Officiel 5.90, Vogue 4.90 and InStyle 3.90 (u do the maths in USD and pounds). Anyways, here's what came with January's issue:

My friends in London simply love the whole gift idea, they even make me buy them and send them over. They collect them. Me on the other hand, I simply believe gifts are there to boost sales as the content itself is so indifferent. They are not even gifts! You pay for them for G'd's sake...

Still I'm not done with this, but plz do let me know if you live somewhere where anything similar comes with ur glossy.

January Issues

This is what they look like over here.
This year though, I find them all particularly boring...

They all have these supplements on expensive jewelery, editorials saturated by couture dresses and other stuff which even if I could afford, where the *ell would I wear and are obsessed with lifting and plastic surgery.

Em. How about a little inspiration for the year soon to come? Respect to Elle for its clever shopping feature, served as 57 ideas to survive the recess, as well as to InStyle to its little book of online shopping.

I am not done with this, I'm just taking a break to check out the xmas 'meet' market.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Xmas Bazaar Frenzy!

It's this time of the year again! Wonderful xmas bazaars held across town. And I want to visit them all. My xmas presents are going to be stylish and unique this year, bought in good prices too. Here's what's up:
December, Sat 20 & Sun 21 @ Guru Upstairs, 7th floor
Platea Theatrou, Psiri16:00 - MIDNIGHT every day
XMAS AFTER PARTY: midnight, SUN 21, DEC @ Guru downstairs
Holiday Dress Up Bazaar at Katerina Alexandraki studio.
Glamour and fun Dresses + Suites at convenient prices, for GIRLS OF ALL AGES !!!
Collection: Checkmate Xmas edition.
Studio Location: Iroon Politechniou 145, Kato Halandri.
Dress to impress.
starts at 00.00 (22/12), ends at 22.00 (24/12)
X-mas edition: for foxy gifts
Saturday, 12.00-18.00
@Bacaro, Sofokleous 1, Athens
* RERE PAPA / http://www.rerepapa.gr/
* ELEVEN SOULS / http://www.elevensouls.gr/
Hellenic Fashion Designers Bazaar
Today, tomorrow and Sunday, from 12.00 to 20.00
Some of the profits go towards patients with AIDS.
Prices lowered up to 75%!

So choose what suits you best, get your girlfriends sorted and ...attack!
Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

One For Lopi

This one is for Lopi, who asked to see how I wear my new cape;)
x, A!


Recently I experienced a feeling I had almost forgotten: the thrill of UNWRAPPING a present!

Last weekend, a friend visited the Fox Fair Bazaar in Bacaro, Athens. She got me this wicked bunny-shaped mirror pendant by Queen 2 Trash, which was one of the most fun gifts I ever received. That's partly because now every time I wear it my friends tend to correct their lipsticks coming so close to it, boys around us hold their breath expecting us to kiss (idiots! lol) but mostly because of the very simple and imaginative wrapping, which kept the excitement high all the way till I got to it.
Here's unwrapping it step-by-step for you all over again!

Yes, this is a paper bag, just like those we pick at the grocery store.

Oh, and this is a tapper-ware-like thingy, just like the ones we keep in our fridge.

Another paper bag in that (she could have bought me walnuts for all I knew!)

And ta-ta! My gorgeous pendant popped out, looking even shinier and all the more important in contrast to its humble yet very complexed wrapping!

I think I am going to use the idea & wrap my xmas gifts in a similar way. It is cheap and imaginative and surely adds excitement to the whole process. Not sure about the tapper-thing though, not easy to find cheap and it is unnecessary plastic. It will have to be substituted with paper boxes for me.

In case you are wondering, the tapper that used to hold my mirror-bunny is not in my kitchen. I am using it as a nest to all my earings and small accessories. Looks so pop in my bathroom.

Hope you found 'unwrapping' as inspiring as I did. Happy wrapping!