Wednesday, 31 March 2010

FWA - day 3, Yiorgos Eleftheriades

Yiorgos Eleftheriades may be a veteran of the Greek fashion scene, however his collections are young designer fresh, for a fresh, young audience. His a/w 10 collection, themed "Urban Hunters" was pretty much accurately depicted in the press release (see further below), something rare and clearly revealing his years in the field. What stayed with me were the Custobarcelonish fur details, kidassia and mongolian fur as the release description clarified. I am against real fur, but despite, this was a good collection, interesting design-wise and a very consistent show.
(photos by Patricia Munster, more on her website)

I have a thing for enlightening show releases and since this one impressed me, I am posting it right below (click to enlarge). What I found rather unusual is the fact that the credits are mentioned first (instead of being somewhere in the end) which I take as an emphasis to thanking the creative team. Noble. Otherwise, it's beautifully straight forward: theme-shapes-colours-materials-full/stop. No fluff. And contact details.

And the clip - there's always something about the applause following the designer's bow at the end.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

FWA - day 3, Makis Tselios

No matter how you see it, our cup of tea or not, Makis Tselios along with Michalis Aslanis are what we'd call the "sacred monsters" of Greek fashion: they have been around for as long as I remember, their names are recognisible by 90% of the population (or something), they have dressed from celebs to happy brides north, midlands and south. One cannot ignore this. Tselios' show was quite a marathon too, with his favourite lace and colour red present and setting the pace (of his show). Loyals or observers, here it goes. All photos by Patricia Munster - more chez Patricia's.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Save the Octopus DElight-DElight

(continued from previous post) What's the sticker all about? Well sticker protesting, moments before DElight's show. Who's the octopus? His brief existence started off last season backstage at DElight. Apart from providing stress relief to the designers inflating it before their s/s 10 show, it was also meant to add a happy note to the enormous flood outside the shows' hall. (click on image below for Lopi's personal record on the case)
So yellow-fellow was pumped and ready, featuring his pedigree on and all (DElight), and was released on to Technopolis waters. Moments later, Technopolis staff captured it and locked it up in some warehouse. We never saw it again. (mind you, the embarissing part that should disappear from the picture, was clearly not the octopus - exhibit A, below)
The other night, and with DElight's show returning yet for another season, close friend of the duo and octopus welfare activist, K.Dagritzikos organised a sticker protest in remembrance of the DElight-DElight octopus than remains in captivity.
Embracing the protest amongst hundreds of others:
Thalia and Lopi,
MTV's Thodoris Kanellopoulos,
Yes it Does, Sure it Does - Aris, Vaggelis (Aris to me, Vaggelis to everybody else)
High-on-DElight, Global Hipster's Mr L.,
Fashion insider Gourgourini, designer Dimitris Petrou and Global Hipster's Miss T.

Speaking of Global Hipster, see their full report on the matter, here. (Miss T.'s restless & of notable quality camera phone has even captured me, protesting the Rox way - oh, I'm easy to spot)

Sunday, 28 March 2010

FWA - day 2, DElight

The other day, designer duo DElight, held their most mature show to date. From designs, to patterns, from model line-up to soundtrack, their a/w 10 collection was coherent, interesting, wearable, in my opinion truly delightful. Felt, fur and cotton fabrics were used to achieve maximum visual effects in the hues dawn. It is always great to watch young designers evolving and all the more so when you find yourself thinking "I could wear every single piece".
(All photos above, by Patricia Munster)

And the usual clip, to give you an idea of what it was like. Well-deserved, LOUD applause in the end.

Photographers is action, during the show.
Models totally loving their furry gloves.
Sticker on my keyboard at the end of the night. No idea what this is all about yet? Then stick around for the post coming up.

FWA - day 3, Dimitris Dassios

Since the last show I watched by Dimitris Dassios, I had been looking forward to the next. And this was it last night, sadly far too late for me no matter the anticipation. It was scheduled for 22:00 plus the reasonable delay between shows adding up, it must have kicked off some half our later.

However, the show is not everything, as today there are plenty of lovely photos out and about featuring his work. You can get an idea here and then click on to Patricia Munster's website for the full version.

In case you have not been following Dassios' work, his lux folk-ethnic inspired creations are all about the upper part of the body, and so are his shows. He always finds imaginative materials and constructions to cover the bottom part. Last time it was exquisite long skirts from flower-wrapping parer. This time he managed to get his models into umbrellas.

I know Clemmie, from Clemmie & Melroy, is a big fan of Dassios' shows too and as she is in London and could not attend, this post is especially for her.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

FWA - day 2, Cathreen Mal, Johanna Daniil, Lukas

These are FWA's newcomers. I think it's always important to have new players join in, it shows a much needed openness to young talent and it's a sign that fashion is alive and generating. I think newcomers don't always get the attention they deserve audience-wise. And I am saying that in the sense that most people (and press) flood into shows of already famous or hyped designers but very few are interested in or anxious about "who's next". So then, here are three names we may be seeing, hearing and wearing more of in the near future:

Johanna Daniil

Cathreen Mal
Let's not forget, Evangelos Kavathas that opens the shows of the final day of FWA this season, was only a newcomer six months ago (back then noted by Lopi, here). Now, with his collection 'Fragile' he is one of the hottest new names on the main schedule.

(All photos in this post, by
Patricia Munster)

Friday, 26 March 2010

Want to watch a hella good show?

Well, you are all invited!
Evangelos Kavathas, award winning newcomer of season's FWA, is having his first full-on catwalk show this Sunday, March 28th at 17:30 and it's expected to be f-a-b. Are you up for it? Then move those fingers on your keyboard and email me quick at aleccarox[at]windowslive[dot]com, 'invite' as subject, your full name in the message! (by Saturday midnight please)

Oh, and here's the invite:

(damn right I'm gonna be there!)

FWA - day 2, Aslanis

You are in for a long one. Not because I favoured this show especially, but because it was looong. The suggested time-length for the usual catwalk is 13 minutes. This one must have reached half an hour hands down. It went on,
and on,
and on,
and on,
and on, (don't quit on me now)
and on... (India)
and. on. (Scotland)
(and) (on) (get the feeling by now?)
till the models got married, or so it felt.
I guess if you include any style possible in all available fabrics, you have all tastes covered. Oh well, what can I say? Can't even pick a main trend for this collection except maybe...all occasions in a lifetime?
All photos by Patricia Munster.