Thursday, 26 February 2009

Acceptable in the '80s

Marietta from Dreamville recently tagged me to reveal a fashion or beauty secret. Actually I have a really good one and I could not think of a more appropriate crowd to share it with.

A few days ago, a friend of mine who works as a professional stylist on tv called me and said she had discovered a little '80s-wear paradise in the centre of Athens. Everything original, real retro. Those people were forced to close down and had lots of stock which is now squeezed in rails, dusty and neglected.

"When was the last time you saw something made in Greece?" she said and she was actually right. Most Greek companies produce abroad nowadays (saying that, my Know-How clothes are all made in Greece, must be among the last companies who still do this).

Her words sounded like a fashion history alarm in my head! I am such a fool for 80's clothes! So I went to check it out:

And OMG she was right! It was all that and even more, at prices that are a sin considering the design and the quality. 3 euros, 7 euros, amazing tailleurs for 15 euros! It just felt wrong!

"Clothes like these, don't exist anymore. They don't make them like this anymore" were the words of Mrs Eleni, the very kind old lady who works there as a sales assistant. She also told me so much about how it used to be back in the days, how these clothes were worn and dag out the best pieces for me.

"You girls seem to really appreciate them, it is touching" she went on. People who walk in here are mainly those who just can't afford anything else. "But why so cheap?" I asked. "The boss wants to get rid of them" was the reply.

I bought a huge bag's worth of amazing, historical pieces at the price of 30 euros... This dress cost me 10:

(I love padded shoulders!)

Sorry for not putting it on for you, it seriously has to be washed before it comes anywhere near my skin. Still, it's my treasure. If you like 80's fashion go save some yourselves! (this is between revealing my secret and begging you)

Location: you take the train and get off at Omonoia. Then you walk down Ag. Konstantinou str. (Pireos) and you take a left on the first street which should be Sokratous. This shop has no sign outside but is easy to spot. It's the 3rd or 4th shop on your right. You won't regret this. Also say hi to Mrs Eleni, she's so sweet.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

150 years Louis Vuitton

Not now, but in 2004.
Since we are hot on the Louis Vuitton subject, it's a good chance I did something with the pictures I had taken back then of the Galleries Lafayette windows.

It was that year I discovered this story (pasted here from Wikipedia, where you can find all kinds of interesting facts about the brand, including history and knock-off action):

"The French book Louis Vuitton, A French Saga (authored by French journalist Stephanie Bonvicini and published by Paris-based Editions Fayard) tells how members of the Vuitton family actively aided the puppet government led by Marshal Philippe Pétain, increasing their wealth from their business affairs with the Nazis. (...).

Caroline Babulle, a spokeswoman for the publisher (Fayard) said, "They [Louis Vuitton Co.] have not contested anything in the book, but they are trying to bury it by pretending it doesn't exist." Responding to the book's release in 2004, a spokesman for LVMH stated that "this is ancient history...The book covers a period when it was family-run and long before it became part of LVMH. We are diverse, tolerant and all the things a modern company should be."

Another LVMH spokesman told the satirical magazine, Le Canard Enchainé, that "We don't deny the facts, but regrettably the author has exaggerated the Vichy episode,". That publication was the only French periodical to mention the book".

I feel this is tragic.

I should say at this point that I am totally persuaded that the company Louis Vuitton is today has nothing to do with it's horrible image back in the 2nd World War and that awful sign at the entrance of the boutique reading No Dogs. No Jews. Besides, Bernard Arnault himself, the president of LVMH is jewish, no?

Anyway, glad I shared this, feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Don't Go For Second Best

About 4 years ago, I was in visiting Paris with my Mum who pulled me into the Louis Vuitton section of Galleries Lafayette the minute we stepped foot into the store. "It's about time you got a classic" she had told me and back then I had found her persistence to buy me a Louis Vuitton original a bit over the top. With the amount of money we'd spend on one bag, I could have bought 20 or even 40 other!!

I will never forget the look of disapproval she gave me when I dared voice that thought. "Listen" she'd said, "you can buy as many cheap crappy trendy bags as you like, but a classic will always be in fashion and will last forever" and twisted my head away from the Murakami special editions and over to the traditional Louis Vuitton monogram ones.

So I got this one:
Now, 4 years later, I can't thank her enough for that. She was absolutely right: it still turns heads, it is in excellent condition (apart from the oxidised handles which can b replaced) and is one decent bag to hold in formal occasions. It is no Gucci or D&G fluff (even though those could cost you a lot more) and it will never be out of season like them.

Indeed, it is very different to spend a salary's worth in a bag that will be so last year in about 6 months to spending it on a bag that will last a lifetime.

So how did all this come up? I was having coffee with a friend somewhere in Athens and a girl with a clone of my bag on her shoulder sat right next to me. I spontaneously took a look at it and guess what: it was fake. Here's how I could tell:

I totally disagree with buying fakes. And before you give my blog the same look of disapproval I gave my mother, let me explain myself.

I fully understand that not everybody can afford the real deal, I can't. But why buy a logo emblazoned item just to pretend you can? Buy a bag you can afford and matches your wardrobe or buy nothing and learn how to save money to buy your favourite classic. It is really worth it.

By buying fakes you are supporting an industry that a) is the basis of paraeconomy and b) produces masses of excess products that will soon end up being garbage and therefore harming the environment too. A "fake" costs so cheap because it IS cheap.

Then again if you think that classic bags are priced at unfair rates, punish them by not buying them and don't sport a knock off instead. You don't agree with what they do so why be seen carrying one anyway?

Let me know what you think. last award!!!
Marietta, this is for you.
She says that
Dreamville is a "silly blog about clothes, fashion, celebs, food, and my latest love.. make up". I don't think it's silly, I think it's fabulous. And it is all Marietta;)

Award info here.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Rockabilly Sunday

Hope you all had a good weekend...
I am never at my best on a Monday morning, but I had a great time last night so today, at least I am smiling. Iwent to this rockabilly live at TIKI bar Athens, which really did make my feet swing after a long-long time! Performing: The Rockets.
They were too good. I had no idea we have rockabilly bands in this country. They sing the part, they dance the part and they... wear the part! I have to say, the guy on the bass (and the bass itself) is quite something.
As I love any excuse to dress up, I dag out my pin-up(y) 50's dress and tried to look the part too. Getting there I realised everybody else had done the same. And I tell you, this crowd swings!
Detail 1: For some reason, navy details are so characteristic of the pin-up style.
Detail 2: one of my favourite necklaces by AnnaLou of London was a perfect match.
My 9th award goes to Queen Marie and Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style:
Those girls know very well what style is all about, so beyond fashion. They'll post about shoes and clothes, but also about art, design and favourite objects and all this in an amazing sense of humour. Oh, and Queen Marie has a donkey:) A post they did a few days ago still has me in stitches! You must have a look!!
Happy Monday people!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thursday Morning

In case you were wondering, this is what I look like on a Thursday morning.
Which translates to...Detail: "Expensive Junk". None of it is.
Today's award (8th, two to go):
This one goes to Josie, whose blog makes my day. "She craves mascara", posts favourite items whether it's fashion or not, has an amazing mood-board wall in her room and her blog's playlist has become an addiction. Award info for Josie.
Happy Thursday everyone, have a delicious, out of control "Tsiknopempti"* if in Greece;)
*"Grill Thursday" would be a way to translate it. Like Pancake Day, only it's a Thursday and you grill! yum..

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Outfit Details - The Verdict

I have been troubled quite a while as to whether I should be referencing my outfits and after long chats with friends, silent discussions with myself and comment exchanging with you, I have finally reached a decision.

It is only what I personally think so by no means don't you take it as an objective guideline to how it should be.

It all started the minute I took fash-blogging seriously and started reading kilobytes over kilobytes of info. I noticed straight away that street fashion blogs like the
sartorialist or streetgeist don't do any referencing which could be for any of the following reasons:
a)legal implications,
b)no time to do so when out in the street,
c)they don't want to.

So basically, you see an outfit you like and try to recreate it using your own wardrobe or buying the brands you prefer, without going for the exact same stuff, adjusting it to your own budget.

Then again, most individual independed bloggers like me, do reference every single item which is great because like most of you said, if you really like something, you know what it is and there's no need to bother asking.

But is this pushing everyone towards a unified dress code, subconsiously imposed uniform? Is it practically showing off?

So I started feeling kinda like this each time I made a list of my outfit details:
I admit I may have gone a bit mental at that stage:)

So I told you. Thanks everyone for all the lovely responses.

The fact that you see no harm in mentioning the brands we wear, makes me see no harm either. However, it gives me a good chance to stress out that us bloggers have a certain power we don't even realise sometimes. We can make or break a trend (or even a brand), shape opinions, give the thumbs up or down to certain situations. We owe it to ourselves and our readers to be true and use this power wisely.

I have said it before and will repeat it: it is not about brands, but how you wear them. Whether it is miu miu at my feet or zara, it should not be making any difference when deciding if you like it or not. At the end of the day, nowadays everything gets copied and spreads so fast, you can have it at any price. The name on the tag should always be a personal decision.

Hope all this makes sense...

So outfit details it is!belt: Mango dress: Sandrina Fasoli for Mango
bracelet: H&M
pumps: Topshop

Last before least, my 7th award, passing it on to a very sweet blogger, Taylor .
This won't come as a surprise to her, at least two other people have tagged her blog, Orange Lightning. I think she deserves it. (plz find award tag info, here)

Monday, 16 February 2009

Post Valentine's :P

A post-Valentine's post? Am I for real? :)
Well it wasn't planned, but I had to show you the (hillllaaarious) video that ensured I had a painless pass through February the 14th as a single. Besides, that 50% off it mentions at the end sent me straight to the s/market today, I've stocked up enough heart-shaped chocolate to make it to the next v-day.

Oh and this is agnes b. special edition perrier bottle, thought it was cute but had no excuse to post it till...well, now. (speaking of agnes b. spring collection was quite cute)

Precious ring given to me with true love by friend and fellow blogger (as of today!) Clementine Melroy. Precious, 'cause to me it's emotionally charged. Otherwise it was bought at Jumbo (toy store).And the blog award goes to:Clemmie. Like I said, she only did her first post today but she's a like minded soul and I know this new blog is gonna be fabulous. Be nice now and say hi;)
*Clem dear, accept when ready. Instructions here.
(4 awards to go. what a tag!)
(coming up next...outfit details - the verdict:))

Saturday, 14 February 2009

One for Valentine's

Whether you think this day is special or not... Happy Valentine's people!

Before I go on, let me thank everyone who commented on the previous post, was BIG help to see how you feel about stating outfit details in blogs. If anyone wants to contribute to the subject, please feel free. Will think about it over the weekend and get back to you with my point of view.

Today though I am skipping awards and fashion to dedicate this post to...LOVE.

There are many ways to show it and money should not be the mean; however these days there are some amazing ideas to spend on!

Like printing your love on a banner and...flying it across the sky!! For 1,350 euros, could sort you out:Unless the message reads "Marry MEEEEE" or "I am pregnant and (so and so) is the father" or "I've put this on your visa", I think this is slightly over budget.

Besides, you could always buy a hot air balloon flight for 195 pounds and see how it is to cuddle in the clouds. Romantic or what? Red Letter Days does this one...Then again, when it comes to romantic, this is more like my thing:Wondering what it is? It's a frog. A frog in a glass. You kiss it (and pour water over it) and it turns into a prince. This symbolic representation is available at for 6,29 euros. It's not the representation I'm into though...

This is my current state, felt like sharing it with you:
Anyone doing anything special today/tonight?

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Outfit details?

Ok, I'm taking a break from publishing pictures from my trip. Today it is going to be outfit, and all my troubled thoughts about brand-dropping in our blogs...
dress: H&M
tights: (haven't got a clue)
hair piece: pull and bear
scarf: accessorize
pendant: my sister's gift from last london fashion weekend
shoes: zara

So here's a question for you: do you think we should be referencing our outfits? I am not going to lie to you, when people do reference, I do check. In real life however, I don't care at all what brands people wear but how they wear them and whether or not I like the outcome.

We can all put on the same zara dress for example, but what is important -and worth blogging about- is how we choose to wear it. Fashion you can buy, style one must possess, as said wisely by Edna Woolman Chase, comprising this blog's raison d' être.

On the other hand, if I see something I like on someone, I want to know what it is. I could always ask you could say to this.

Confused. Please share some thoughts...

Awards time:
Lucia from blog-tales is the 5th blogger I feel I should be passing this on to. Very opinionated, will never give you any "lovely this", "lovely that" for no reason. Quite often she touches subjects I truly wish someone did, like the trend of wearing a keffiyeh which was the first post I read from her and became loyal ever since.
Lucia, here you go, it's yours! Most probably you already know what to do, but in case you don't, click here.