Saturday, 31 October 2009


The news from AXDW keep getting better. The first show of the day was that of THEIA, characterised as "retro-futuristic" in AXDW's notes. First time I came across THEIA and her work was at a Tell a Story exhibition a couple of seasons ago and I was overwhelmed by the wonderful corsets she had on display. They were all hanging like colourful pieces of art, ready to transform any body shape into a sensational hourglass. She had recently returned to Greece from Barcelona and was eager to make old-school fine and constructed tailoring popular to the Greek audience. It was much more than that she achieved tonight and her debut was a show nobody wanted to end.

Scattered oversized fruits and an ice-cream were placed on the runaway. The sound of waves and seagal calls was travelling across the room from the speakers. A model was lying half way, simulating careless sunbathing whilst the guests were taking their places. Once everybody was sitted, she packed her towel and retro Gynaika magazine and disappeared backstage. The show was about to begin...

Sixties glamour, curved figures and bright colours in fruity hues of vanilla, strawberry, banana and pistachio marked this cheerful show with exciting stage direction and the merry atmosphere of a playful summer. Well prepared styling, class stitching and excellent catwalk direction. THEIA, welcome aboard!

Beautiful front rowers, all in THEIA.

A vintage swimming cap turned into a bag (also featured in the show).

The person responsible for that, Martha Yannakopoulou of if-untitled architects. An architect by profession yet an accessories designer at heart.

AXDW - Celebrity Skin

Celebrity Skin, Dimitris Strepkos and Eleni Mparla, are an AXDW success story. They made their first appearance on the catwalk in previous season as contestants and had won the awards for Best Designers & Best Catwalk. This season they are back with their show themed "Immortal Extravaganza" with larger than life models that put quite a show in fabulously and extravagantly complicated gowns. The show started with a close-up video from their shooting with Akiss Paraskeuopoulos, with the model touching her skin the way one touches a precious item. This is what followed:

Theatrical as ever, these clothes are not something you simply slip into and pop out of the house. They are rather the subject of a ceremonial preparation to show yourself to the world. Even though they started off as a stylistic explosion of the duo, the buyers demand lead to the production of this collection, now being sold in Paris and Dubai among other places. Loved the selection of shoes, especially the clever knee-high light socks touch over stilleto heels. Back-drop video by Haris Farsarakis and Studio 2,2, jewels by Liandi.

Friday, 30 October 2009

AXDW - day1, faces

As long as catwalks are on, I have no hope for a good rest. Well neither have they! All looking radiant and fresh tonight, here they are, faces my lence loves to capture:

Designers Euangelia, Ioli and Mirella. (yes, the first two were showing last month at Tell a Story tradeshow)

"Born to be famous" reads Ioli's bag, and indeed she deserves to be, even though she carries this bag for convenience rather than a statement...

Alex Kavdas (MTV VJ), Constantinos Kalfakakos (MAD TV VJ) and Elektra (Rockets in a Coma) in über cool lace tights and cropped gloves.

Ex-model Vicky Koulianou. Always gorgeous and imposing, with her attention in her own fashion line these days.

Matisse lead singer Alex Kavvadias. Revealed the group will be performing live at Stavros tou Notou every second Monday as of November the 9th. Already in my agenda.

Christiana from Fashion Paths, always ready to...shoot!

Lopi from Fashion Architect, in this photo right behind Alex Kavvadias and about to tweet the latest from the soon-to-begin show.

Designer Dimitri Zafiriou in total black and an amazing selection of ethnic bangles in earthy colours.

Kostantinos Dagritzikos all sophisticated next to Vicki from, and the DElight girls, Evi and Daphne surrounding friend Stellina.

AXDW - Angelos Frentzos

Day1 of AXDW ended with Angelos Frentzos' rock concert themed show. Frentzos is Greek but currently lives and works in Milan. Along with numerous collaborations with modern artists, my AXDW notes point out that his work has been showcased at London's Victoria & Albert Museum as well as the Kyoto Costume Institute in Japan. It's been 5 years since he last held a catwalk show in Athens (last season he participated in AXDW with a presentation party). Press release reads "his collection is marked by power, new age and art rock elements with basic colours being faded black, purple and green" and that's as accurate as it gets.

Interesting use of modern technologies in garments construction, light fabrics, plenty of studs, cuts and peaked shoulders as well as a gorgeous evolved gradiator stillettos were all mixed to produce a rather neo-rock s/s collection. Star.