Friday, 29 May 2009

Summer Catwalk Alert!

Only a couple of days left before Summer. How about starting it with a catwalk?

Designer Andria Papadopoulou certainly will by throwing a catwalk show and party in Mykonos on Saturday, June 6th. Breathtaking location, 500 selected guests and coverage by Fashion TV, it will be one stylish summer night on the island... and I'm attending!

I know some of you would love to be there too... Andria has agreed to add 10 Rox Readers to her guestlist:)

If you are planning to spend next weekend in Mykonos (or have just decided to), send an email to requesting an invite, typing "Rox Reader" as subject to your mail.

The sun (i'm getting a tan), the sea (floating & relaxing) and a fashion party overlooking Paradise Bay (heaven;)).

See you there?

*Special thanks to Andria for kindly inviting my blog-friends*

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Like no other

Last night I met up with a friend. He's just bought a new car, but it was his new shoes I could not stop staring at...woe? They looked like Nike Milleniums but... what for an edition was that?

Was it the laces? Were they too dirty? Too clean? Have you seen Nikes like these before?

And then I took a closer look: "Nikos". Nike-Nikos-Millenium. Nike iD mi deers. Custom made, totally you, none can argue that! "Nikos Panionios" (as he'd like to be called for the purposes of this post) doesn't come from the fashion scene. It's more The boy got style though regardless and gave me an idea or two that kept me busy for hours.

Customise. Love it.

Here's Marco Materazzi making his very own. (blyme, he says "a pair a month")

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Mary Wants A Purple Dress

Mary Wants A Purple Dress is Dimitris Kaidantzis. First thing you notice about this collection is the difference to anything mass market. Second, the perfect fits. Third, the expert handling of the fabric. I could go on and on about this limited edition line with endless styling potential but I think I'll leave it to the designer himself...

Alecca: Why did you choose such a complicated name?
Dimitris: I had been looking for a name that captures this line’s vibe for a long time. One morning I woke up and it was nailed in my head: Mary Wants A Purple Dress. "Mary", because she could be any woman. "Wants A Purple Dress", because she knows what she wants no matter if it’s in fashion. She wants exactly that and she won’t stop till she gets is. Strongly determined.

A: For how long has this line been around
D: I’ve been designing for 11 years but it’s for the last 7 seasons that MWAPD has come to life. It combines couture elements (both technical & visual) with every day wearability. It’s a limited edition line created to project my own sense of creativity and personal point of view on design.

A: For which women do you design?

D: Romantic, sensitive, independent, sensual, creative, decisive and assertive. She knows what she wants and how to get it.

A: What is fashion to you?
D: I don’t think you can describe fashion in words. It could be all or nothing. Fashion in the sense of “trend” is to me a guideline of what not to follow.

A: What do you mostly pay attention to in clothes?
D: Pattern, shape, texture and price.

A: Where can we find MWAPD?

D: At the boutiques Frock’n’roll (Varnali 4A, Halandri), London Fashion (Sofokleous 1, Peristeri), Above (Vironos 31, Lamia) and for more particular, personal orders at afterstudio (Sarafi 6, Petroupoli)

Dimitris has captured the vibe behind the brand in a poem. In a way, it's a story about not compromising when it comes to personal style. When you wear what you truly want, it's naturally perfect:


I remember that girl running naked through the crowd in a very busy city
Everybody was looking at her and she is anxious
not because her nudity though...she seemed as she was looking for something.

And the time flows like clouds
She is away from the city now
up to the sky
and down to earth again
with the wonderful smell of hers(like spring)
And the summer comes
and then fall
and winter
and spring again.
And there she is finally staying still in a center of a big land of violets
(purple violets everywhere)
where she lays down, facing the sky
feeling beautiful as violets are covering her body.

and how wonderful everything is...
now that Mary found her dress.

*original shoot: Kelly Filiou. photoshop magic: Mary Wants A Purple Dress.

Monday, 25 May 2009

New week, New designer

Have just woken up, sun is rising strong and bright and today is going to be one summery May day. I thought I might give you a 'Cheap & Cheerful' song to get dressed to. (Actually it's free). Coffee: essential. Volume to the max. Now dive into that closet and choose something light and fun.

Applied to catwalk:

Mary Karantzou is the latest St. Martins kid to be carrying the title "Greek Born" next to all worshiping references in press. Become familiar (if you still ain't), she's good.

She graduated from the fierce Central Saint Martins MA Fashion in 2008 and ever since she's had names like's Sarah Mower, Penny Martin and an army of bloggers praising her designs. Has worked with Sophia Kokosalaki and sold her samples to Bill Blass. The colourful oversized jewellery prints on her jersey dresses are becoming an obsession.

Remeber the name. Be inspired.
Grab your bag, leave home and get this week started.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday is a good day... say thank you!

Special thanks to Jo, who gave me this award refering to me as The "Master" of Fashion. (So much to live up to!hehe..)

Dear Eda too thinks my blog is lovely. Oh, thanks, I think your blog is lovely aswell!

Spreading the love like one should, here are some blogs I think are fab and equally deserve to be awarded:
-->The Soho Symposium
-->Life In Athens
-->Live, Love, Shop
-->Chloe In The Sky With Diamonds
-->Las Niñas Y Los Niños

...and of course everyone on my right column blogroll;)

Unless you are catching sun at some beach, can't think of a better way to spend your Sunday other than blog-checking:)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Fox Fair Finds - Last But Not Least

Tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd, is the last Fox Fair of the season. In this post you'll find a few more resident names I discovered in the previous bazaar. Looking forward to coming across them again!


Sugar Line Productions

Mary Wants A Purple Dress
(Dimitris Kaidantzis)

Teeter Totter

If you like summer bazaars, don't miss tomorrow's! Special guests, Pansik's students, creating t-shirts especially for you.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ally with a target

You can wear a t-shirt in hundreds of ways. Now imagine a t-shirt that could save hundreds of women.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer GR has launched this new top that can do just that. It retails for 29 euros and comes in white, black, grey, turqoise and purple (featured here). All profits go towards offering free tests and consultation to all women who care - and all of us should (more info

"Become an ally with a target" is the moto of the campaign, and it's urging us to do something simple and fun: gather friends, family, classmates or co-workers and order the t-shirt as a team. By taking the initiative to bring everyone together and support this cause as a group, you are becoming an "ally" of one of the most worthwhile projects: saving lives.

Of course, such an ally deserves her reward and FTBC GR knows how to show gratitude but sending you a gift for your effort (see

You have to do so fast as campaign only lasts till the 26th of June, a day when all women are called to wear their tee in public and spread the word. Breast cancer is curable if diagnosed at an early stage and awareness and proaction can help more women stay with us for longer.

I fully support this cause and I say waste no time! Go to, learn more about it and "become an ally" today. It's a good chance to get to know everyone in your class, bring your family together by joining FTBC's family and come closer to your colleagues, making meetings all the more colourful on June 26th.

Then you can proudly send a photo of all of you in the tee and become an example by being featured on the campaign's website. Bonus: the t-shirt is made from heavenly soft elastic cotton, suits all body types and indeed can be mixed'n'matched with anything you own;)
*It has to be in groups of 10 or above so I am doing it like this: there must be at least 20 girls amongst my facebook contacts I haven't seen in a while. I will message them all about it and suggest this as an excuse to make some space in our schedules and meet up to catch up and place our order. Sometimes, a good excuse is all you need...

Missoni Home - Welcome Party

Last night.
Posing & posing.
Milioni & Irakleitou.
Interesting back.
Miss T. loaded and ready to shoot.
Stylist Al Giga & friend.
Miss T., Clemmie & guess who.
Irakleitou str. & Skoufa. Closed due to Missoni Home's street party. Couple of streets next to that same tape was displayed, for different reasons...
Skoufa & Irakleitou: t-shirt in the bin, thrown just like an empty can.
Buy-use-throw away?

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Usually I talk about others. Glamour and Amalia Agathou gave me a push to talk about myself.

Amalia spotted the emerging force of fash-blogging in this country, a medium that's been bubbling abroad for quite a while now. "FASHION BLOGGERS GR - the guys that change fashion by hitting enter" is how she puts it on June issue's cover. Not sure if that's what we do, sure as hell though we offer an independent view of things under stitch right now.

In this piece you can get to know better the bloggers behind streetgeist, fashionarchitect, thesohosymposium and queenkatbee. Have a look, it's all so fresh.

Fox Fair Finds - Cacao Rocks

Cacao Rocks is Jason Megoulas. I find what he says as interesting as the stuff he makes. Check it out.

Alecca: What does 'Cacao Rocks' mean?
Jason: Cacao Rocks means exactly that: cocoa kicks a**... it means being in a good mood from dusk till dawn. It means lots of colours, tropicalia with rock n roll, git it? How did I choose it? Hmmm, one morning, D'A
rcy Foxx asked me how I'm going to call what I make and it was the first thing that came to my mind... I'd just finished drinking my cocoa ... lol. Sounds good though, huh?

A:What do you make and how long does each item take you?
J: I'm mainly into sculpture, but you are probably more interested in my accessories, even though I view my accessories as works of art too. Each one is unique. I use various materials, from wool and textiles to chains and toys. I try to combine the nu-rave with the industrial aesthetics, using some pop elements.

How long do they take to make? I don't know. To make a small necklace it will take 2 or 3 times of listening to Bjork's “Volta”... But it may take me months too as I'll be looking for artifacts to add. The dolls take up to 2 days. The hardest part is to come up with the idea. I never make the same thing twice..

A: When and how did you start?
J: Since i can remember myself -typical!... my dad is a sculptor and a designer... since I was little, I was always in his way... later on in high school, I started making necklaces for friends and a bit later clothes for me, as I couldn't find anything I liked in the stores... Now it has become my psychosis... I wake up in the morning and ask myself “What are we going to make today?”

A: Which audience would you like to see wearing them?
J: I think it's the audience that choses and not the creators... To meet someone who is wearing something I made, is the best reward for me...

A: Where can you find Cacao Rocks items?
J: You can find what I make at The Fox Fair, at Teeter Totter, and by contacting me directly at and

Monday, 18 May 2009

These shoes are made for loving

I thought it was a one-off back in January but no. It's official, my cat Miu has a thing for shoes.

Cheer up everyone! Happy Monday & don't try this at home:)

T-shirt anyone?

So Sakis Rouvas came 7th at the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday. That doesn't make him less of a star. However what does this mean for Celia Kritharioti's special edition eurovision t-shirt? It came with 'Life & Style' May issue which read that it's 7,50 euros including the mag and will be 38,90 euros at Celia Kritharioti selling points. T-shirt anyone? Don't know about that. Line 5226 is interesting though. All displayed here, pick what you may from this post...