Thursday, 22 July 2010

Dukas for a/w 10

Autumn/Winter 10 brand new collections keep popping in. Totally in line with my hot pink year hunch, Dukas Hatzidoukas is aiming to kick-start the coming season with these sky high eye-catchers. Look too high for you? Well no worries, as always, Dukas' shoes are designed with great attention to shoe dynamics, ensuring unexpected falls are not on the menu.


renatsan said...

Apla theika!!!!!!Ta rozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

célia silva said...

i love the 3ºs :D

i'm shoes designer, so, i made a blog about shoes trends and a little of my work, if you want know me, here is my link:

=) see you

Unknown said...

serious crash, heart attack and everything!

Lopi said...

oh lord, oh lord, oh lord
hyperventilating right now

Dusk said...


I need...these shoes... all of... them... now... please... and my smelling...salts... too... [faint]