Monday, 26 July 2010

Makes you happy + hungry

I've always considered orange to be a defective colour. An imperfect version of red. However it's suddenly grown on me, especially after trying on this one-shoulder top at the recent Two in a Gondola bazaar.

Semiologically, it is meant to increase oxygen supply to the brain as well as mental activity, happiness and enthusiasm (source). It's also supposed to stimulate appetite (source) so do blame this shoot if you feel like killing a bucket of ice-cream right now.

--> re: these shoes, go back here.


Lorelai Sebastian said...

Well, I'm going down to Florida
And get some sand in my shoes
Or maybe Californy
And get some sand in my shoes
I'll ride that Orange Blossom Special
And lose these New York blues...


minnja said...

Wow, great!!! I love the orange.)))

Lopi said...

Same here, orange was never one of my favourites... But I would never exclude a colour from my wardrobe! Everything has a time, place and way to be worn.

TrendRebajas said...

orange-black!!!! it´s soooo cool combination!!!!!

kisses Sweet.

Shini said...

I used to think Orange was a sort of a mid-way colour but now I think it's exootic, especially with the right texture & draping like your top!