Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Souvenirs classic*

*as opposed to this.
A pocket size fan. I almost collect them. And thank God for that or those hot summer nights in the city would be totally unbearable. I am surprised that even though our temperatures are quite tropical in the summer, fans are not massive. I remember a few Julys ago in Ibiza, a fan was the accessory to hold. Even clubs and bars had such cool(ing) merchandise.
Postcards. I used to know all of my friend's post codes. Now it's emails and not quite since my provider does that for me. True, emails or facebook are faster but you're left with nothing once you've logged out. Besides, like my neighbour said checking his mail the other day, it's only bills in the post these days. Go on, make someone's day.


annie said...

love postcards!

Mirka said...

oh i love getting post cards! should sent them more often, they make ppl happy... thanks for the reminder! x

Anonymous said...

phew! I can comment at last! Hey postcards are so cute! I buy one for every place I go (including the acropolis, once every 10 years hehe)
Seems like you are having a great time!

Mairyliscious said...

teleia h bentalia !