Friday, 23 July 2010

Your usual souvenirs, not

This is 'Noa', a souvenir store at Plaka, Elounda - Crete. Turqoise-meets-pistachio colour dominated, this is not your usual souvenir store. Which is why it got my attention. I always like to bring something home from places I go.
Modern Cretan pottery at its best and some sweet handcrafted leather goods I couldn't resist. In the end I got a wind-proof ashtray and a much needed multi-wallet with spaces for money, coins, cards even keys that fits my hand (and small evening purses - great!).
Oh, and I have a new favourite nail colour:)


T said...

That place is so cute!

Mairyliscious said...


Eliza said...

I visit this store every time I go to Plaka, It's just toooooo cute!! :)

love from Crete