Monday, 22 December 2008

Wellies for Winter

Speaking of Lily Cole, this is a picture of her taken last summer at Glastonbury (came across it here). It reminded me how of comfy as well as kind to my feet wellies have always been. Truth is I feel wellies are so 2005 (remember? Kate Moss & Pete Doherty? yellow Marc Jacobs wellies on ebay?). Anyways, I found the closest thing to them, as comfy, but so right now, this season's DKNY wellie-like boots. Even though I am not a fan of logo emblazoned shoes, they are so convenient that I decided to bring them home with me. Guess what: I was not the only one appreciating them.

These are my feet, happily wearing them.
Oh and this is my cat, totally and mysteriously loving left boot!
Whenever I leave them outside the shoe storage unit, I find that left boot in her beddy. It's crazy.
At first I thought it was some kind of smell she liked so much (had I stepped on something fishy?) but no. After spying on her several times I realised she likes to check out her reflection on the shiny parts. (still working on why she keeps choosing the left one).


JINX said...

i check out your blog all the time, i love your style and i really enjoy your blog

Lopi said...

Checking on her reflection? I'm sorry to say that, but I think your cat has some serious narcissism issues!
Great boots, by the way!

Oh, and I read about the "Feta Party" on your comment in Rebecca's blog. Me likey! Wanna know more, please?

Alecca Rox said...

(lopi) as I wrote to Rebecca, I didn't make it to the party. You can see photos here though: