Monday, 23 February 2009

Rockabilly Sunday

Hope you all had a good weekend...
I am never at my best on a Monday morning, but I had a great time last night so today, at least I am smiling. Iwent to this rockabilly live at TIKI bar Athens, which really did make my feet swing after a long-long time! Performing: The Rockets.
They were too good. I had no idea we have rockabilly bands in this country. They sing the part, they dance the part and they... wear the part! I have to say, the guy on the bass (and the bass itself) is quite something.
As I love any excuse to dress up, I dag out my pin-up(y) 50's dress and tried to look the part too. Getting there I realised everybody else had done the same. And I tell you, this crowd swings!
Detail 1: For some reason, navy details are so characteristic of the pin-up style.
Detail 2: one of my favourite necklaces by AnnaLou of London was a perfect match.
My 9th award goes to Queen Marie and Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style:
Those girls know very well what style is all about, so beyond fashion. They'll post about shoes and clothes, but also about art, design and favourite objects and all this in an amazing sense of humour. Oh, and Queen Marie has a donkey:) A post they did a few days ago still has me in stitches! You must have a look!!
Happy Monday people!


Chloe In The Sky said...

oh, I love dressing up according to music!!!
the cello bass man is really something!
keep rockabillying girl! :)

mademoiselle myrtilo. said...

what a necklace!!!i really love it!

DaisyChain said...

I LOVE that necklace.

we wear things said...

that necklace = too cool