Thursday, 5 February 2009

Shop Windows in Paris

Or at least the ones I was particularly interested in. In this post, Marc by Marc Jacobs - Place Du Marche Saint-Honore and Colette - Rue Saint-Honore. There was no way I would leave Paris without visiting those;)

The Marc by Marc Jacobs store is at the corner of the square Du Marche Saint-Honore, at the opposite side of the American Apparel store (which I raided but will show off the trophies at another post). At first glance I just noticed the huge peace symbol but coming closer... remember this post? I got so excited, I must have walked in in such a rush, that the security guard decided to hunt me throughout my visit.

Prices were crazy (=ultra affordable). Will be showing you soon what I made out of them. Coral pink and bright yellow seem to be the colours of choice here for this spring.
Next stop was the legendary Colette, with a brand new window (the changed it the night before).

These drummer girls are wearing Tao by Comme Des Garcones. Navy blue is the colour of choice for Paris at the moment. Colette is such a great boutique of special little things, from books to accessories, to shoes not to mention cosmetics and hair products. Everything in there seems to be some special or limited edition, speaking of which, let me tell you that the Jeremy Scott line for Adidas will be available there in two weeks from now (so no joy for me there).
The main reason I went there was to get as close to this pair of Marc Jacobs sandals as possible. For 650 euros though I realised I could buy about 10 pairs of Marc by Marc Jacobs rain boots or pay for another three visits to Paris return (croissants included) and decided to pause this buy. For as long as I can anyway since I could still buy them online here.After hours of walking through all the different levels of the shop, I decided that what I needed and at the same time could afford was James Brown's new hair products (James Brown as in Kate Moss' hairdresser and not the singer, as the sales advisor stressed out in a very cute french-english accent).

Having tried them, I can now tell you they are worth the hype. I thought they did wonders to my very long, punished by the freezing parisian wind, super-dry hair.The bag was interesting so I brought it back with me. Not sure what my friends will think of the gifts I bought them, I sure do hope I'm in the dark blue area!!
I wish I'd found more stuff I liked in there but my budget range clashed with my speed in grabbing ltd ed. tees in my size as well as my taste and timing within the season. In other words? Expensive taste, slow shopper and should visit again in March!


Chloe In The Sky said...

hey yes we are in lifo. what a pleasant surprise!!!
I hope I 'll be in Paris in a few months :)
nice pictures!
take care :)

Lopi said...

You're back? Can't wait to see what you've got!

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

thanks for linking me,
i've just linked you back.
hannah ♥

Anonymous said...

omg crazy marc jacobs prices!
i wanna go there
great bag...i would like to be in the navy section,yet i always get red.
thanks for the comment
and i wanna steal a lippie from the window..they wont notice!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous.
Those shoes are wild, but the price is crazy! Some day, some day...

Larissa said...

Great shop fronts - I loved the display of lipstick pens at MJ! That 'gifts i want' target print made me smile, French fashion can be so fun and whimsical!

I'm spending Valetines day in NY with my friends as part of a week long America trip with my college - but more about that soon on the blog!


Mustafa Şenalp said...

çok güzel site. :)