Monday, 26 October 2009

FWA - day3, Dimitris Petrou

I put a star next to Dimitris Petrou name too. His collection for s/s 10, "TRUE", was devided in two parts in my opinion, casual clothes with designer touch and tailored sexiness. The press release on the seats was the most coherent, accurate and well-written one I've seen in a while, so I am sharing it word-for-word:

There is no such thing as an extravaganza - nothing like posing, just TRUE clothes for real people. Inspired by the beauty and the spirit of the city we live in, the people we meet and the lovers we choose, this collection is all about the TRUE us, our friends and the clothes we love to wear.

A sweet romance between the masculine and the feminine, with a strict color palette of black and nude in strong, clean lines and pure silhouettes. True is all about us and a mirror.

Yes, that's actress Katerina Papoutsaki in the last photo. Music by Amateur Boyz, shoes by Kalogirou and sandals by Dimitris Petrou. I thought those sandals looked good before I even noticed it was another of Petrou's creations. As for the whole calf-high socks with men's shorts, I found it interesting on the catwalk even though I'd most likely classify it as weird in the street. Then again catwalk styling is exactly that: made for the catwalk, and is more acceptable to the eye when toned down on real people. Overall, a nice show with a generous goody bag by Apivita.

*all photos that are not marked as mine in this post, were shot by Vaggelis Rassias.

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