Friday, 30 October 2009

AXDW - day1, faces

As long as catwalks are on, I have no hope for a good rest. Well neither have they! All looking radiant and fresh tonight, here they are, faces my lence loves to capture:

Designers Euangelia, Ioli and Mirella. (yes, the first two were showing last month at Tell a Story tradeshow)

"Born to be famous" reads Ioli's bag, and indeed she deserves to be, even though she carries this bag for convenience rather than a statement...

Alex Kavdas (MTV VJ), Constantinos Kalfakakos (MAD TV VJ) and Elektra (Rockets in a Coma) in über cool lace tights and cropped gloves.

Ex-model Vicky Koulianou. Always gorgeous and imposing, with her attention in her own fashion line these days.

Matisse lead singer Alex Kavvadias. Revealed the group will be performing live at Stavros tou Notou every second Monday as of November the 9th. Already in my agenda.

Christiana from Fashion Paths, always ready to...shoot!

Lopi from Fashion Architect, in this photo right behind Alex Kavvadias and about to tweet the latest from the soon-to-begin show.

Designer Dimitri Zafiriou in total black and an amazing selection of ethnic bangles in earthy colours.

Kostantinos Dagritzikos all sophisticated next to Vicki from, and the DElight girls, Evi and Daphne surrounding friend Stellina.


Lopi said...

I love these posts! They make me feel kinda gossipy, but I guess it's one of those guilty pleasures.

Mairyliscious said...

love this post !! so much backstage gossip love love love it!