Saturday, 17 April 2010

b/stage styling - action clip

An action clip of Celebrity Skin in a different role, that of stylist, dressing actress Penelope Anastasopoulou moments before her guest appearance on stage.

This clip is a good example of what it takes to style someone other than you, within limited time, for a picture-perfect purpose:
a) you have to be organised, have everything ready and know its place. no time to search for that earring or pair of shoes.
b) be ready to go on your knees. it's not yourself you are dressing, it's someone else. you have to do whatever it takes to make sure she's top-to-bottom flawless. be ready for on the spot alterations.
c) be confident, be quick. you have to be hands-on with your subject, no point in being shy. you also have to be quick and precise, you are trying to get her ready not nervous/annoyed.
d) perform overall check. is it all in place? final touch-ups.

Experienced CS make it look like a piece of cake. Truth is, it's hard work.

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Nells said...

teleio to dress...foveri i gova tis pinelopis...poly mu arese to soundtrack tou videakiou sou!!!well done excellent work!!