Sunday, 26 September 2010

Welcoming the Danish

Here's where the tootsies came from (see previous post). Full image of 'Designers Remix' show at London Fashion Week. Face behind the brand, Danish designer Charlotte Eskildsen. Pedi is not the only reason this show got my attention.

Not only it's the first time a Danish designer is on the official schedule, but she also showed some very interesting 3D takes of the LBD, with origami hints. Ol' little black dress is finally looking new in this volume and shape, plus the lack of neck pieces has grown on my after an intense statement necklace summer.

Charlotte Eskildsen:
And who is this about to take her front row seat? That's right, it's Marina & the Diamonds sporting a rather dark lipstick, on a rather bright smile. Apparently, the Greek-Welsh 'diamond' is a fan of this newcomer too.

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