Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dimitris Petrou, Sur Mesure

Dimitri Petrou's name won't be on schedule on either of the fashion weeks about to take place in Athens. The reason? The designer has plans for you as both the model and the viewer of his collection every single day as of October 8th.

That's when his brand new showroom at 23 Kanari str., Kolonaki ,opens its doors with an excellent concept. You can touch the garments, try them on and order them to perfectly match your body type. 'Sur Mesure' means 'made to measure' and that's what it's all about.

The collection as well as the 'Sur Mesure' project will be unveiled at a carefully organised event on October 7th, at a gallery in the heart of Athens, to a limited audience. A video presentation of the clothes' look-and-feel will open the evening, exclusive screenshots of which you can check out below:
The video was created by Tina Sardelas and I can't wait for it to leak online. It is expected to be an exciting, original work reflecting the spirit of the collection in action. (click on link and check out her work, she's GOOD)

Last but not least, the clothes will be men's and women's in equal measures and the 'Sure Mesure' concept will allow prices to fit each budget just as nice. Sounds good, will be keeping you posted!


Unknown said...

Maresei paaara polu t blog sou
pl orees eikones:D
des kai to diko mou an 9es kai kane mou follow an sou aresei
filia polla

charlie le mindu

Lopi said...

see you there ;)