Friday, 13 January 2012

The Eyelash Curler is back

When M. gave me this (thank you M!) it was the '80s all over again. The eyelash curler! I remember watching my mum use it back when shoulder pads were in. It's making a comeback so here's how it's done:

1. Remove makeup and make sure eyelashes are dry.
2. Open curler and place it parallel to the eyelashes, close to the root.
3. Make sure it's away from the skin and all lashes are in.
4. Close curler and gently squeeze, counting to 5.
(No blinking, pulling or shaky hands at this stage!)
5. Release and repeat step 4 for extra curling effect.

Tata! Now eyelashes should be beautifully curled.

* It is important to apply mascara after and not before this process as it tends to make eyelashes sticky and fragile.
* For a long lasting effect I heat the curler for 10 seconds using my blow-dryer. Always test temperature before applying:)


battered couture said...

welcome babes.

Fashionitsa said...

I am so afraid of using this tool. I feel like I am not going to synchronize the tool closing with taking it away from my eyes and the result will be taking all of my lashes off. I think it's a kind of phobia.

Alecca Rox said...

@battered couture - thank u! x

@Fashionitsa - haha! used to be afraid of this tool myself till one day someone told me that if I was unfit to control the curler, I should not be allowed close to the mascara brush either. Instantly got over it but come to think about it now, it may not be quite the same thing:)