Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mi lajki / Style Factory - episodes

On February 1st, and during Swedish Fashion Week, Mi lajki's Style Factory begins the quest for a shiny styling star. Mi lajki is a Swedish creative community on a mission 'to make the world more colourful'. Nine international contestants have been assigned to bring forward unique interpretations of their stories in three different Mi lajki themes. It will all unravel in a series of 10 online episodes* and the winner gets to walk out with a 50.000 euro* contract to create his own jewelry collection. 50% of the vote will come from the judges whereas the other half by the viewers. You can watch it all here.

*'online episodes, 50.000 euro prize, contract' is becoming a pattern for the Swedish Fashion Week this season. Following the process via online episodes is a new reality too. Reality tv, documentary, open process, a kick start for young talent, call it what you like. It is interesting, it is happening, it's on your screen.

On February 1, it is time for the first episode of Mi lajki Style Factory at During the 10 episodes of our style factory we will follow the nine stylists led by Mi lajkis star stylist Alexis Knox - known stylist from both London and Milan's major fashion shows. Each stylist is assigned a specially designed Mi lajki jewelry as they should interpret and create acreationism around. The winner gets a coveted contract with Mi lajki to a value of € 50 000.(

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