Friday, 9 January 2009


I think I'm gonna knit away the wait till sales (Jan 15th, tic...toc...)
Have been watching this video on youtube and remembered how much I used to love it. It's wonderfully stress-controlling and one of the most rewarding diy activities. (if you are going to watch it, be warned, after minute 6 the content is kinda irrelevant)
So here's what you'll need:
-Knitting needles (mine are 5mm) (chopsticks do the job aswell but you'll end up with a micro-scarf)
-Yarn (you could be using other stuff too, but start with yarn!)
-Scissors (well not necessarily, but if you manage any knots that shouldn't be there they help)

I am using the blue...

I want to make a scarf just like this one (minus the stripes) ('s Accessorize and machine-made, but i'll try)
So I am sizing it using this simple technique and off I knit! is such a mad website! For now I am knitting a scarf for myself (selfish?) but if I'm still good at it I may knit one for... Acropolis and send them a picture:)

Let me know if any of you guys knit!


Taylor said...

I KNIT!! i love knitting! i did a post on it a while ago :)

Taylor said...

thank you so much for the video!! i am soo going to do that now :) and yes, i do know how to do the purl stitch

Larissa said...

I've just got into knitting too! Bought some chunky needles and exciting, soft wool this week and can't wait to turn them into something that *hopefully* resembles a scarf! Knitting buddies?


Larissa said...

I've just got into knitting too! This week I bought a pair of chunky needles and some super soft eyelash wool, and want to turn them into what will *hopefully* resemble a scarf! Knitting buddies?


ps - sorry is this is a double, paraphrased post, my laptop went funny when I posted my original comment, and I can't tell if it's been posted or not x

Larissa said...

Knitting buddies fo sho - i'll keep you updated on how I get on! Thanks for offering to put me on your blogroll, of course you have my permission, also, I'm a little flattered :)


Couture Carrie said...

Love your "About Me" in your profile!

I learned how to knit ages ago but haven't made anything for AGES . . . you have inspired me to pick up those needles again!


Girl Next Blog said...

I used to knit but I haven't done it for ages in fact. My mother does it so much better than me, so when I want something I ask her for it haha


Siru said...

I love to knit too! It is so soothing!

juliet xxx

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I really want to learn how to knit, it's in my things to do this year. about the link exchange, let me know when you've linked me and i'll link you back. x

Jane said...

i knit. its quite relaxing. i havent bn able to do much recently because of studying but after my exams i have a huge list of projects to get started, and knitting is at the top! x