Monday, 19 January 2009

My very own Dwatch

When they first landed at the shop windows, I though Dwatch watches were some silly (but very-very pretty) obvious knock off of Swatch. You know, like Frada, Abibas, Cucci and so on.

Tried to look them up on www, but got the most irrelevant links you can imagine...Democracy Watch was one of them. Anyways, this is the most relevant I found.

Soon, they were all over some of the most elegant and stylish shops (and wrists). They started growing on me. My sister got one in purple and most recently my Mum appeared sporting a beige. That was it, I WANTED ONE TOO. With shiny little swarovski crystals.
And now I've got one. In cheerful orange. (stupid i couldn't wait till sales to buy it) Very different to the watches I've been wearing so far -my all time favourite is my retro-like Puma. Orange has never been my colour of choice either. Well, well how things change.
Knitting Update: it is growing slowly but surely, no? It does look a bit disturbed I admit, but that's better than boring. Em.. and although in this picture it looks perfect, it's not. IT'S GOT A HOLE. SOS people, does anyone know how to fix it? (come to think about it, one single hole is not a bad score...) (still, help!)
P.S. I am very determined not to let this be just another unfinished scarf. I've decided I'll keep a photo diary of my progress, top right hand side. Feel free to tell me off if you catch me being lazy:s


yiqin; said...

I am not a very watch person because I always use my phone.But that watch is so beautiful!

yiqin; said...

Wow, this photo is awesome!

Anonymous said...

serious bit of arm jewellary!
its gorgeous:)
i would love to exchange links!
in fact ill add you right now,

Anonymous said...

love that watch

Anonymous said...

an orange Dwatch - how cool :)

Marietta said...

Never noticed this brand before but im sure I will from now on!Is the orange part plastic?I would never think orange and swarovski crystals would look together but it realy works!!

Larissa said...

Gawsh I love that song, I was listening to it while I wrote the post!

Shame about your scarf - I have no idea how to fix it, my scarf got two HUGE holes in it, so I unpicked and am reknitting (thankfully I'm making a very basic, uber simple scarf and using chunky needles), but obv, that's not an option for you! Good luck fixing it!


Alecca Rox said...

@Marietta: orange part feels like hard but velvety latex.

@Laroux: thx for trying to help, u r right, unpicking is not an option at this point. o well, seems like i've gotta learn to love it now!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

That is such a fun watch! Funny and fun in the best way.

Siru said...

your knitting will be great! I love the way it looks!

juliet xxx

Elena said...

"Frada, Abibas" so funny!
Love your watch, it's really stylish and different from what we're used to!
As for the knitting, I've also promised that I won't leave my scarf unfinished.. And I'm trying really hard to keep my promise!
Anyway! Your scarf looks fantastic!

Girl Next Blog said...

I love the first watch - too cool!

DaisyChain said...

I never remember to wear my watch, but yours is so gorgeous.