Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Passage to India

According to this report I was reading on style.com earlier today, "Inspired by a book about the jewels of the rajas, Peter Som took a "Passage to India" for Resort (2009) (...) mixing tweed and an abstracted paisley print—could be worn as easily with a brightly colored chiffon wrap dress (...)".

Bingo! I've been reading a book about India too -well actually, a woman who went to India- which has me hooked from page one and I am so in the mood for wearing paisley. No extrvaganzas though, I don't want to look as if I threw on a granny's sofa cover. How do you feel about paisley these days?

I came across this dress of mine by Mango, which admitedly has not had the attention it deserved in the past. Here's what I am wearing tonight, a tribute to Peter Som's inspiration and Elizabeth Gilbert's trip...

dress & belt: Mango
boots: Annelleshoes (Filonos)
bangle: Topshop
rings: Miss Selfridge (or was it Topshop?)
sheer tights: random!
book: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


Claire Geist said...

that Mango dress is totally to die for

awesome everything!!

Siru said...

I love your rings.

juliet xxx

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

That's a very pretty dress.
I swear I'm mildly obsessed with India. I would kill to go there! For now I'll watch lots of Bollywood. :)

Secretista said...

Too cute of an outfit.

Lopi said...

I love that! You look like a fairy!
If you love paisley, you should check this dress at Kingdom of Style:
oh, and the way Queen Michelle wore it with floral tights:
Sorry for the space-taking links, my comment must look like spam or something :p

yiqin; said...

The print of your dress is so unique!

Alecca Rox said...

Thanx for ur comments everyone and special thanx to lopi for the links, absolutely loved her dress and o those tights.. prefer paisley as victoriana or bollywood to hippie and she does it well!

Unknown said...

love the dress and the whole outfit!!