Thursday, 11 June 2009

2 hours before showtime

Two hours before the show, everything is getting in place, everyone is down to work.

Floris Special Events decorated the edges of the 20 meter long swimming pool with words reflecting the catwalk theme.

Fashion, Charm, Sea View, all placed strategically, creating a fabulous effect and ready for model-long legs to walk over them.

Make-up magician Dimitris Dimitroulis and MAC artist Nicholas Kosmetatos doing what they are best at, great make-up. What better location than Paradise Bay view to work and be inspired.

Model Vanessa Kapasouri under the experienced MAC brushes.

Dimitris Dimitroulis, with Anna Vissi's face amongst his works of art, here perfecting Natassa Badeca's foxy eyes.

Ultra long lashes and emphasis on the bottom lid.

Mod's hair artistic director John Marmaras, busy making waves on Angela Evripidi's crystal shine hair.

Models Sofia Kyriakidi, Vanessa Kapasouri and Alex Minska posing for the lence of Vicky Haritou (Mod's Hair).

Two hours to showtime. Tic...toc....


K@terina B. said...

that's damn cool, you were there all the time...!!! jealous*

DaisyChain said...

lucky girl being there!
I hope it all went well