Wednesday, 10 June 2009

4 hours before showtime

Sneaking into the villa, 4 hours before the show:
The collection is in place, out of its travel cases and hunging on the backstage rails.

The FTBC t-shirt is there too. It will co-star with Andria's summer shorts later on, reminding the guests that Fashion TARGETS Breast Cancer. (In this show, Andria is openly supporting the cause)

Cinematic hats Andria brought home from Saint Tropez. Summer styling at large...

Four hours before showtime. Model Angela Evripidi is enjoying the 20 meter long swimming pool. In a few hours she'll be doing the catwalk around it. Andria Papadopoulou is catching some sun too. What's in the mind of a designer a sneeze before the show? Styling? Make-up? Fittings?

None of the above. She was worried about her models' nutrition and cooked a delicious healthy and energy-boosting meal for them, herself! Not sure I can recall anyone who's done this before. Can you?

Tender meat in red sauce, boiled veggies salad and pink rice were on the menu. I could not resist a taste. The woman can cook, and may I say she's as creative in the kitchen as she is in her atelier;)

Who say's models starve before the shows? Clockwise from left: Angela Evripidi, Sofia Kyriakidi, Natassa Badeca and Olga Kyprioti stocking up on energy and vitamins, eating proper mediterranean lunch and proving that perfect silhouettes need fuel too...


Hari K said...

oooh!! "food porn" !!!
everything seem so delicious! alecca you are one lucky girl to have been there!!
also the red shoes got my immediate attention!
give us more give us more!!!

*Constance said...

did you eat as well?? oh, you must have had a super-duper-tripper(??)time!!!!!

Marietta said...

Poli mou arese i tour!!Love the colours of the hats!And the swimming pool reminds me how hot it is!

Mairyliscious said...

ax ti wraio post
ti kala wraia paraskhniaka ntokoumenta :)p polu xrwma kai mou aresei xrwma sta rouxa xrwma sto faghto
oi diatrofologoi lene oso pio polu xrwma exei to faghto sas(laxanika - frouta ) toso pio kala !!!thelw ki egw to kitrino hat my lady !!! se zhleuw perases apla uperoxa

Thalia said...

that was so nice of her to prepare a meal herself for the girls!!!
and how cool is that you where with the designer just hours before the show?????

Alecca Rox said...

wish you were there gals...