Monday, 14 December 2009

Psarokokalo Open Day - xmas gifts inspiration #1

I've already said I went to Psarokokalo's Open Day last Sunday. It was great to be at the the place where all her lovely crafts come to life and even greater to have finally crossed out a few names off my xmas shopping list. As I suspect you have your very own list to worry about these days, I am presenting you with my finds for inspiration & planning;)

Stuff I bought:
Handmade stuffed fishy, filled with soothing lavender, by Psarokokalo. Bought for a special someone who works daily with fabrics, to use as a pin/needle holder.

Blackboard ring, complete with a colour pensil and tiny sponge, by Evrydiki. This one is for someone who loves rings and... messages. Would come in handy to write down phone numbers at a night out too! I think she'll luuuuv it.

Another needle holder by Psarokokalo. The one featured here is her own. I ordered a similar one for a designer friend, customised to be worn as a bracelet especially for him. Ah, the joys of the custom-made option!

And of course I got this knit detail t-shirt I've had my eyes on since this post. You can't tell much from this shot but that's only because it's soon to be featured here as part of an outfit.

Stuff I didn't buy, but are still awesome:
Children's toy - pouch, handmade by Psarokokalo. It looks like a lovely pouch but once opened, it spreads into a perfect circle playland, complete with toys according to the theme (boys/girls). Ideal for Mums & Dads who want to keep their little one busy whilst out and about. Genius.

Custom-made pendants. The girls could write any message you chose to the small silver plates and create personalised necklaces and bracelets in just a few minutes. Here's an idea for something that would be literally "made for you".

Stuffed dolls and mustache pillows, Psarokokalo's trademark designs for a while now.

And so are these wise, quiet owls.

Other customise-able items were fabric frames - although clever ready made ones were on display too - and...

...sketches of you or any face you could provide a picture of, designed on the spot, to hang maybe forever on your wall. A portrait like no other and most certainly a gift like no other.

*sad you missed this? Another one is coming up real soon! On 18-19-20 of December, at 8 Kosma Mpalanou str, Mets, Athens, 17:00-22:00. Buzzer "Psarokokalo Studio".


AVY said...

Aaaahaha, the fish! :D love it!

psarokokalo creative studio said...

hey alecca your pillow is almost ready:-) and you look as good as a profile shape as you are in life!
thanks once again!

battered couture said...

love the eye and the mustaches! mental note on the date.. though I am not that good at that. :P

Thalia said...

ok i have a thing with owls lately so i am going to visit to buy some! loved the things that u got as well!!!!!!

ShoppingTherapy said...

oh really amazing stuff!

daisychain said...

Aw, I love the blackboard ring!

chloe said...

oooooooh, i bought a little owl for my boyfriend at the cyprus tell a story, we LOOOOOOVE it! x