Saturday, 12 December 2009

Xmas Shopping Sunday

It maybe a cold, rainy Sunday tomorrow, but some of the hottest xmas shopping events are scheduled to take place in town and bring some sunshine to your gifts' list - or simply your closet!

Gift inspiration, wine, browsing and a 15% off all purchases are on the menu of numerous shops in Psirri area which will be open especially this Sunday for your convenience and pleasure. Those are:

Formika design store (Pallados 9 - 210.3234636)
Occhi (Sarri 35 - 210.3213298)
Mofu (Sarri 28 - 210.3311922)
Euangelia (Aristofanous 15. 4th floor - 6972533664)
Tonic Essentials (Pallados 24-26 - 210.3317371 )
Sotiris Georgiou ( Miaouli 16. 2nd floor - 210.3243201 )
Κartoutsa (Taki 9 - 210.3247525)

Shopping activity will be taking over the Mets area too:

Sugar Line Productions, the most fun, retro-pop accessories brand around, is throwing and xmas shopping party at its headquarters, Trivonianou 42-44 (Mets). Music and munchies will be keeping the spirits high whilst you go down memory lane and ...choose which part you'd like to immortalise is the shape of a very skillfully crafted necklace or barcelet.

A couple of blocks down the road, Psarokokalo is hosting an open day at 8 Kosma Balanou str. Unique, fresh and funky items extend beyond clothes and accessories and promise to add the nicest touch of original, limited edition design to your home too.

Apart from Psarokokalo, designers participating are Taxis+Quat, Lacravate du Chien, Evrydiki and Efig. Very exciting detail: they will all be handcrafting on the spot personalised gifts & toys.

*For the facebook events pages, click on the images above.

Other stuff going on are noted and posted by Battered Couture, here and THE1015LAB, here.

Keep checking my right column for latest additions (all images linked to the events, click-click!). The closer we move to Christmas, the more exciting bazaars are listed.
Oh, joy!

Have a lovely, successful & merry shopping weekend;)

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