Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday heroes

It may have been raining cats and dogs -chair legs for the Greeks- but this Sunday I was going to go to as many shopping events as I could, even if it took Noah's ark to get there. I swear I would have never made it without these shoes which I now pronounce heroes of the day:

Excuse their state, I've just walked in and at the end of the day, heroes are always messy. Don't be surprised at the height of those heels, I tell you, rubber shoes keep your feet dry and steady even if you have to climb up Athens Mets' waterfalls looking for your car:

And that's exactly what I did I'm afraid. Got totally lost and had to walk each and every street in the area, rain on my face, feet and all over my lovely buys. I remembered the hot July noon these shoes were bought. It was in Thessaloniki walking in and out of shops with a friend who is a stylist. "Buy them" she had told me, "they are going to be big this winter". They were on sale for 10 euros but still it was so hot that day, winter shoes were the last thing I felt like getting. "Buy them now or regret it forever" she had insisted, so here I am now, so greatful I took her advice:)

Awkward moment whilst looking for my car: I am soaking wet, mascara running on my face and all, and I pass by some bar I'd never seen before. Some live gig was at large so I stopped to see what's up (as if I wasn't about to catch pneumonia). Right next to me, by the window, were these guys performing this song and looking at the state of me...looking at them. For a moment there I thought about going in for a beer to warm up my bones but then I was too embarassed they had to see me like this. I chickened out, smiled and left. Well, here's them performing the exact same song:)

However. It was fate I had to attend some gig on this Sunday night. The minute I sat into my car (obviously I found it at some point), my mate called and said he was going to The Burger Project's live. a) I really like their covers and it was ages since I last saw them live, b) I don't get to see that friend that often and c) by then, I needed that beer badly. Could not resist taking a picture of the band. Among other things, I love their sense of styling (or the lack of thereof!)

As for my buys, well, be patient. This post is getting too long;)
11 days to Christmas, happy Monday everyone!


Elena said...

Happy Monday to you too!!! Your shoes are real heroes!

meraldia said...

I need a hero like yours!

Chloe In The Sky said...

everything was amazing that night at Public =)

psarokokalo creative studio said...

hahahaha smiled my monday girl!

Unknown said...

oooh what a fun night!!

Niviarsiaq said...

Sounds like an epic day. I love this post! And the shoes are indeed absolutely beautiful and functional too, which is a definate plus in my eyes! :)

...11 days til christmas?? aaah! Still so much to do!
Thanks for the shopping list by the way, it is working wonders to keeping me on budget and remembering what I was planning on getting certian people. Thank you so much!!

chloe said...

10 euros for those awesome shoes!? m'efages kai mena - ego edosa 36 gia tis teleftaies mou mbotes kai eniotha bargain, haha! x

k'mas vrexei poly aftes gtis meres, ti orea pou einai!