Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Amy Winehouse at EJEKT 2011

It was announced by organiser Detox yesterday, confirmed on her official page and must have reached you by now: Amy Winehouse will be the headliner at this years EJEKT festival in Athens.

Teaser poster features an extra stylish her, dressed in clothes she recently designed for the iconic casual fashion brand Fred Perry. With EJEKT taking place on June 22nd, I wonder what she's going to look like on stage. Own designs or not, looking forward to listening to this voice live.


Frini said...

u gotta be kiding me....i'm off to the ticket store NOW!!aw, i'm in desperate love with her velvet voice ever since she used to look juicy and healthy(i know i'm mean!)! my ringtone is still ''u know i'm no good"!! i'm so already there!!

thanx so much for this info alecca!! if you find out anything about the tickets, let us know dear!!

kiss kiss*

joanaddicted said...

OH-MY-GOD! Doesn't she remind you of the nanny???!!! or Chandler's ex-girlfriend (i don't even remember her name...) I'm so gonna go and knee! ;) wow girl good job, you re the first to announce!

Alecca Rox said...

@ Frini - tickets are already out, i think is what ur looking for;)

@ joanaddicted - how could you ever forget J A N I S ???? haha... true she looks like both!

joanaddicted said...

janis it is!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha my friend you made my day ;)