Monday, 7 February 2011

Toi&moi for Spring

With the fantastic Spring weather we've had during the weekend, it feels quite appropriate to post more s/s 11 news. Greek brand Toi&moi is introducing part of its Sping collection in the 'Just IN' section of its e-fashion store and it looks like this:
Featured items' prices range between 55 and 65 euros and are all brand new. Half-price winter sales are still on too.

Toi&moi eshop is online since last season and could well be a case study as it openly based its launch publicity on fashion blogs, introducing the section 'For Fashionistas'. Numerous Greek fashion bloggers posed their own way featuring part of the brand's collection. The aftermath was great news and Toi&moi travelled through its eshop to many Greek islands -among other locations- such as Ikaria, Corfu, Rhodes and Chios.


A BRIT GREEK said...

Hello cute shorts in pic no. 3!

Today was a bit of scorcher wasn't it? Bring on more sun!


It's not until lately that I realised that Toi & Moi have some very interesting pieces :) like the post !!