Tuesday, 1 February 2011

My bag is better than yours

So you have to go to this event/gala/ex-boyfriend's wedding and it's imperative that your handbag is a show-stopper/a show-off/ better than anything the bride owns. Pickle is, no way does your budget allow such an investment.

No worries, Starbags.gr (click here for English) has got you sorted. You can rent a bag like, let's say the above McQueen arm candy, for a fraction of its retail price and depending on how long you'd like to keep it for. Special occassion or not, this website gives you the opportunity to bring home some of your dream bags. You can rent them - which is a fantastic concept - but you can also buy them at yummy prices, slightly used or brand new. If you don't feel like buying but fancy selling one of your own, again, it is a good url to click.

Check them out, maybe your object of desire is closer than you think.

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Kelly-Ann Maddox said...

I've been interested in this whole rent-a-bag thing since it was featured in the SATC movie. Hmm, might finally have to look into it.