Monday, 7 March 2011

Spiros Halaris' illustrations

[T-shirt Design for Youreyeslie and Topshop]
He is a newcomer to the fascinating world of fashion illustration and already has names like Topshop and Dolce & Gabbana listed as his clients as well as a placement with Alexander McQueen. Spiros Halaris, born and raised in Greece, is now doing his magic in London using collages, hand drawn as well as digital elements. With his name featured in numerous online and print media, he's got us all hooked for what the future holds, with his signature.

Here's Spiros Halaris through a brief Q&A for the Rox readers:

[Inspired by Lea T and the S/S 11 collection of Prada]
For how long have you been working as an illustrator and what makes fashion illustration so special to you?
I have been working as a illustrator and graphic designer for the past three years. Fashion Illustration won my heart at some point a couple of years ago. I guess it is my combined love for fashion and art that makes it so special to me.
[for Jil Sander s/s 2011]
How was it working for a brand like Alexander McQueen?

Intense! I had the opportunity to work on the forthcoming collection and it was a beautiful and extremely hardworking experience. It was a huge eye opener of how it is to work for a big fashion house. But foremost it was one of the most inspirational and creative places I've ever worked at.

[for Ziad Ghanem, featured on Feb. 2010 show invite]
What are the challenges in creating a fashion illustration?
The challenges vary depending on the project mostly. A general challenge would be to make your image communicate with a broader audience or to satisfy the client's vision. More specifically for fashion illustration, the challenges usually involve the interpretation of the clothes and models. Whatever they are, it's important to overcome these challenges, to free your mind, and only then can you create a striking image.

[London Fashion Week a/w 2011, for Company Magazine]
What's hot in fashion illustration right now?
Good question! When it comes to illustration I believe it's the artists themselves that set what is hot and what is not. So hot would be anything that is creative and unique enough to stand out from the crowd of imagery around us. For me personally, hot right now would be: Maria Carla Boscono, Lea T, Takashi Murakami and the creative direction of Prada for S/S 11.

Where shall we look out for your name next?
Look out on my website for some big collaborations later on this year. I also have an idea for an exciting project that I want to do - it has to do with a collection of accessories - but it's in its infancy at the moment.

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