Monday, 15 September 2008

Athens Swing Cats

So you are not in London now that fashion week fever is high. So you are in hot hot Athens. I say you stylishly dance the disappointment away!

Athens Swing Cats, a team that's said to have taken its first lindy hop steps in London's club 100, promises to make you swing every part of your body this Saturday and every saturday for the rest of the year.

Swing? How stylish, every way you see it. And lindy hop is surely one cooool trend these days.

If you are a beginner, go to Chorologie, 76 Piraeus str. at 13.00. If you can already swing alright, go there at 14.00. Oh, and have €10 on you, everything's got a price nowadays.

Now watch this to get yourself into the mood:


Anonymous said...

None of the "claimed" teachers is a professional dancer....
I've been to their classes

Alecca Rox said...

Indeed! They never said they are pros. They are people with a genuine passion for lindy hop, who are surely able to teach basics and everyone's skill can evolve as you go. Very casual, no stress, tons of fun. Thanks for your comment, even though anonymous...

Kitty Von Paw said...

Hello :)

this is Kitty Von Paw, one of the 4 teachers of the Athens Swing Cats.

No we're not 'pros', as such a thing as a Professional Lindy Hopper doesn't exist!

We all have a ballet and Jazz dance background. We all have performed in various Swing events all over the UK, some of us have even performed in the US.

We do not claim to be professional dancers, but hey...we are the only ones in a position to teach and spread the Lindy Hop in its original form in Greece.